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 Make money from your spare bedroom Most of us would like a bit more cash. But increasingly, the solution is right under our noses. If you have a spare bedroom in your home then you have all you need to earn more. is a Dublin-based start up company that allows you to make money from your spare bedroom by hosting travellers from around the world for short-terms stays.

By signing up to rent out your spare room on, you can become part of our global host community and meet people from around the world. It’s free to sign up and you can easily select the dates for when you are and are not free to host guests in your home.


Who would come and stay?

The most common question from potential hosts is “who would stay in my home?” The term homestay is often associated with students, and these do make up a large proportion of our bookings into the UK. However, all Homestay guests must be over 18 years of age, so most likely these are university level students or those looking to improve their English in the U.K.

In addition to this, just over one fifth of Homestay bookings come from holiday makers who are looking for an affordable alternative to hotel accommodation. Many more guests travel for professional purposes such as to attend conferences, events or intern in a different city. In all cases though, the reason they choose a homestay is for the relaxed, homely feel that you can’t get in a hotel. A homestay gives guests the opportunity to meet locals and get a genuine feel for their destination rather being stuck in the usual tourist traps of a city.


Why host?

The idea of booking a homestay for your next holiday may sound good, but why should you become a host? Homestay are really passionate about our hosts being part of a community so they asked our hosts what made them sign up.

While all surveyed hosts said that earning extra money was a significant factor, their secondary reason was to meet people. One of the hosts Fiona, who is based in Glasgow signed up during the Commonwealth Games in her city and had Debbie from New Zealand come and stay with her. She said that she and her partner were “incredibly lucky” to have Debbie stay and that despite the distance, the two still keep in touch since her stay.

The top booked U.K. cities are London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Leeds and Homestay are always looking to increase our number of hosts in the U.K. Guests, on average, stay around two weeks, and with the rooms priced per night, it can be a handy way to supplement your income.


Become a host today to make money from your spare bedroom

To sign up, all you have to do is visit the host sign up page. You will need to fill in some information about yourself, your home and your local area, as well as include some photos of you, your home and the spare room you wish to rent out. It’s completely free to sign up and list your room on the website, so you can start to make money from your spare bedroom today!


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5 thoughts on “How to Make Money from your Spare Bedroom – Homestay

  1. This homestay seems a cool idea. I myself would make our spare bedroom for this type of money-earning idea. I think it suits my personality as I am people-oriented and excited to meet new people like foreigners and travelers; however, the risks are really there. So how can I assure my safety in this type of business?
    Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank recently posted…Is it Worth the Risk to Invest?My Profile

    • It depends on the apartment you have Nina. Some are en-suite, but in others they will share your facilities. You can speak to the guests before they arrive, so you can agree on guidelines and such before they stay.

  2. Cool service. Guests get cheaper accomodation while landlords make some additional money. Seems mutually beneficial. However, my main concern is whether this service is secure. How do I know my hosts are good people who won’t steal my cash, to say the least?

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