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Car wrapping for money

cheap visual studio 2008 software for sale Are you looking for new ways to earn a few extra quid? If so, car wrapping for money might be for you. Companies, such as Money4Space, will pay you fairly well for placing advertising on your car.



Car Advertising – And That’s A Wrap

Okay, maybe the picture is a little misleading!!

Car wrapping is the marketing practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle in an advertisement. This result of this process is essentially a mobile billboard. Car wrapping for money can be achieved by painting a vehicle’s outer surface, but an increasingly ubiquitous practice in the 21st century involves the use of large vinyl sheets as “decals.”

The vinyl sheets can be removed with relative ease, thus drastically reducing the costs associated with changing advertisements. Vehicles with large, flat surfaces (such as buses and light-rail carriages) are often utilized due to ease. However, cars can also serve as hosts for wrap advertising, despite consisting of more curved surfaces.

Although a fairly new way of advertising, you may have seen an increase in adding advertising on your car over the past couple of years. The first time I noticed it in the UK was on the “Red Bull” cars, but this has become more and more common with the emergence of companies such as Money4Space.


Car Wrapping – Is It Easy To Do?

The good news is “yes”. Putting advertising on your car is a relatively straight forward process. The company that you sign up will “wrap” your vehicle by applying an adhesive vinyl wrap to all or part of the vehicle. These can be added and removed easily without spoiling the paintwork. In fact, it’s been shown to actually protect your car’s paintwork from UV rays, corrosion and light scratches. Special transparent vinyl is also used on the windows so it won’t interfere with your driving visibility.

In order to be considered for having advertising on your car, most companies will ask you to have a clean driver’s licence, a current MOT and road tax for the vehicle, valid insurance for the duration of the contract and no convictions for drink driving, manslaughter or dangerous driving causing death. However, this shouldn’t rule out many of us!



Will I Need To Change My Driving Habits?

Possibly. Some car wrapping companies ask you to drive a certain amount each month before they will pay you for the advertising on your car. However, others, like Comm-motion, won’t ask you to change your driving habits at all, but will instead match your driving routine to their advertisers’ needs.


How Much Can I Make?

This is where it gets really interesting. Let’s have a look at some real-life companies offering this service.

Money4Space asks that you follow the following rules:

  • You complete at least 500 miles per month in the vehicle (Mileage shall be checked monthly)
  • You complete the Location History Feedback System (LHFS) form during the contract period. (A very short and simple form describing your journey history which is then verified against your vehicle mileage)
  • The vehicle is kept clean and well presented at all times throughout the contract period
  • The vehicle is driven responsibly, adhering to road traffic laws at all times
  • You inform us within 1 working day of any damage sustained to the vehicle or advertisement
  • Snow covering the advertising on your car is removed at the start of any journey

Assuming you stick to these rules, Money4Space will pay you every month:

  • £20 for rear-screen only
  • £50 for rear-screen and rear quarter windows
  • £75 for side of vehicle
  • £125 for full vehicle

Comm-motion pose similar rules to Money4Space and offer the following packages:

  • Max-wrap: your whole vehicle is covered except the windscreen. Special transparent vinyl is used on the other windows so all-round visibility remains the same as normal. This will earn you up to £220 per calendar month.
  • Classic-wrap: doors, side-panels, bonnet and rear of the vehicle are covered, earning you up to £185 per calendar month.
  • Superside Plus: coverage of door panels and part wings along with a visual on bonnet and/or rear, earning you up to £150 per calendar month

If we opt into the “max-wrap” scheme, this amounts to £2,640 per year. Saved over 25 years, at the average bank interest rate, we would have a pot of £151,112 at the end.



Money Earning Tips

  • If you have a clean and well presented car (it doesn’t need to be brand new), you could starting earning additional income by adding advertising on your car
  • Sign up to online sites who will source an advertiser for you, taking the stress and effort out of the process
  • Make sure you keep your car clean and free from damage whilst advertising to ensure payment
  • Ensure you are covering the required mileage demanded by the company. If not, select another package or company to deal with.

Remember, this website discusses the very small steps which we can make with very little impact on our lives in the short term, but which have huge financial benefits over time.

For the bigger steps to a wealthier future, I would recommend that you read my book: “Becoming rich: one step at a time” available now.

Happy climbing one and all!

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    • Unfortunately I can’t as I don’t actually have a car, and you can’t fit much advertising on a bicycle!!

      However, I have friends who do this who are literally raking in the money for pretty much no work. Keep your car clean and damage free – something that most people do anyway.

  1. Good idea. Advertise on the car is effective and cheap. If you have a car, you can advertise you product on it. Wherever your car goes, the image of the product will go with it and people will know about your product.

  2. I am very interested in advertising on my vehicle please contact me so I can get started as soon as possible thank you

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