The Three Pillars to a Successful eStore

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The Three Pillars to a Successful eStore

3 Pillars to a Successful eStore

It’s 2014, so there are more and more people looking to establish their own home stores, but less physical space to establish them in than ever before. This has resulted in a whole swathe of online, independent stores popping up over the last decade, and over the last 5 years in particular.

With the news that the UK’s building economy is at a 7 month high and President Obama in the US is considering a minimum wage hike, there appears to be more money in the pockets of governments, businesses and regular, hard-working people across the world. This means that if you’re thinking about establishing your own home eStore, now is a good time to start planning and working out what you’re going to do, as the money is there in the economy for the taking. If you’re unsure of where to begin, don’t threat.

We have previously outlined how eBay can improve your life and 6 Things You Need to Know to Start an eBay Business.

To follow up these articles, we now present “the three main pillars” you’ll need for a successful web store, whether or not it is with eBay, another third party or your own personal independent store.



1. The Right Product

All businesses are there to make money. This means that while the satisfaction of your clients is important, your ultimate goal is to ensure you have more money coming in than you do going out. The best way to guarantee this is to sell the right product. But how do you know what the right product is?  As with all sales, the trick is to sell your customers a product they need. This means doing some clever market research to see what’s popular with different customer demographics, and then selling directly to one of those target demographics.


2. The Right Attitude

The second pillar isn’t so much to do with your product, but to do with you. Customer service is a fundamental pillar of any store, and it’s just as important online as it is in the physical world. In fact, responding quickly to emails and instant messages, answering customer questions and sending out deliveries promptly are all possibly more important online, because your customer isn’t stood in front of you to know whether to trust you.


autodesk autocad mep 2015 cheap 3. The Right Delivery Mechanism

Finally, once you’ve provided your customer with great customer service and they’ve found the right product for them, you need to get it into their hands using a courier service like TNT Direct. It’s important to get this right, as a slow or lost delivery will be the last thing your customer remembers about the shopping experience. Get it to them efficiently and time-sensitively, however, and they’re likely to be a repeat customer.


Now you know the three pillars of how to be a successful eStore owner.

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