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As ever on this website, we are not looking at wholesale changes to your lifestyle. Instead, we are focusing on the little things (the small steps) which can make a huge difference over time.

This week, we shall be looking at how making income, in addition to your principle salary, can help your long term financial health. Today, Swagbucks!


Plenty of bucks at Swagbucks

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is the premier loyalty program on the web. You are rewarded with “Swag Bucks”, a currency which is a little like credit card loyalty points. Through their online loyalty programs, you can earn Swag Bucks for activities that you already do online every day. Members love Swagbucks because they can work from home, all the while earning more Swag Bucks.

After signing up, you are rewarded for answering surveys, playing games, watching videos, discovering offers, and searching the web (all of which you probably do anyway!). Additionally, they reward online shopping. With great online coupons, you can get double swag bucks for the purchases you make from your favorite online shopping sites.

They offer Rewards with no strings attached when redeeming your Swag Bucks. They have a wide variety of Rewards available in the Rewards Store. A lot are focused towards the US market, but there are plentiful options for UK users as well. For example, their most popular Reward is a free Amazon gift card, which can be earned and redeemed in GBP.

How much money can I make?

Well, firstly, sign up here.

Then, you can browse the site whereby it offers all sorts of ideas for earning swagbucks. You can also earn regular bonuses for additional swagbucks for completing specific challenges.

Currently, to earn a £5 amazon gift card, you need to accumulate 849 SBs. A reasonable daily target, which can be earned in about an hour, is around 150SBs. This means that it would take around 6 days to reach the £5. Achieve this many points 5 times each month and you will have an extra £25 per month income from doing very little more than you would normally do on the web.

Earn this every month, and save it at the average bank interest rate in the UK over the past 25 year period, and in 25 years time you will have £17,172 extra to show for your efforts.

Am I the only person doing this?

Far from it. Just search on the internet and you will see that there are several “swagbucks challenges” on websites and forums. You can try joining up to these to give extra motivation. Otherwise, read through them to see that many people are earning additional income through this site with very little additional effort.

Money earning tips


  • Attempt to reach the “daily bonus” as this will increase your points by about 10% each day.
  • Install the swagbucks toolbar, and do your internet searches from there. The results are close to the same as other search engines and you receive swagbucks each time you search.
  • Redeem vouchers as quickly as you can.


One thought on “Swagbucks – earn money for using the internet!

  1. I love Swagbucks. For the past two years I have used it to almost completely pay for Christmas presents…no more putting presents on charge cards because I have no money!

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