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Writing online for money with Textbroker

As ever on this website, we are not looking at wholesale changes to your lifestyle. Instead, we are focusing on the little things (the small steps) which can make a huge difference over time. This week, we shall be looking at how making income, in addition to your principle salary, can help your long term financial health. Today, we’ll investigate writing online articles for money!


writing online for money


Paperback writer

Do you have a talent for writing? Are you the next JK Rowling? Well, why not test it out via Textbroker and see if others agree (and earn cash in the meantime).

Writing isn’t just a job, for many, it’s a calling. The phrase ‘I’m an author’ unites an entire guild of writers. Whether you write novels, plays, promotional pieces, lyrics or write journalistic pieces, the possibilities are endless.

The decision to become a writer is usually out of a love of writing, and an added plus is that it is accessible to all. Anyone who is gifted with talent and creativity will soon find that they are almost unstoppable. It may feel a bit difficult to get started, but the more articles you write, the easier it will become.

Finding opportunities for writing online for money is impossible though, isn’t it? Nope. Textbroker is a marketplace on which writers have access to thousands of opportunities writing online on almost any and every topic. Just sign up free of charge to the website and send an initial article that shows how well you can write. Textbroker will then assign you a “Textbroker quality level” (2 to 5 stars) and get paid per article based on this quality level. Once you start, you can get to work, writing online for money whenever you wish.


What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to writing articles with Textbroker. Here are just a few:

  • Thousands of Orders – Search and select from the orders which are available at any time based on your quality level, and from any subject topic and style.
  • Save Time – While other freelancers are still working on the acquisition, you’re already writing online articles. Textbroker deals with the rest for you.
  • No Costs – Authors earn money with Textbroker, they never have to pay. All Textbroker services are free for writers.
  • Free and Flexible – You can write as many articles as you want. There is no minimal or maximum submission boundary for writing online articles.

cost of microsoft streets & trips software How much can I make writing online for money?

The current prices paid for articles at Textbroker are currently:

Textbroker current prices

This means that if you can get a 5 star author rating, a 2500 word article could earn you €100.

Typical payments, however, are between £5 and £30 per article as not everyone can get the 5 star rating.

Some contributors to online forums have said:

  • “I’ve been with Textbroker for nine months, and have made over £1,000. It’s a godsend, as I had to give up my part-time job due to a back problem. I got another job, but am reluctant to stop writing, as I really enjoy it.”
  • “I have recently started with Textbroker as a writer. Six articles down and I’m hooked. As a stay-at-home mum and farmer’s wife it’s lovely to be doing something for myself. Getting praise for writing is doing wonders for my confidence.”

So, let’s say we write one article per week, which earn £20 each. During one year, that totals £1,040. Saved at the average bank interest rate compounded over 25 years will amount to £59,529.


Then what?

Well, afterwards, you could always go on to start your own blog or content based website. This can be a large commitment, and so having the previous experience in writing (and understanding what people like) is essential. Check out this article for 15 tips to make you an awesome blogger.

You can then also market your writing services on your own website, which should land you with more (and better paid) gigs in the future. For a good example, I would recommend looking at Catherine Alford’s “Hire Me” page at Budget Blonde. Its important to highlight your best work on this page – including links and screenshots to reputable sources – which Cat has done perfectly.


Money earning tips

  • Make sure that you initial submission is excellent. Your writer’s grade is based on that one single entry so make sure it’s fantastic. Have it reviewed by friends and family before submission. This submission can have a great impact on your future earnings. The only way to boost your score after this initial submissions is for happy clients to rate you well, which takes time.
  • Check the site several times a day. Once accepted, you need to log on to check for new assignments. New article opportunities gets snapped up quickly, so make sure you check the website often for the best opportunities.
  • Complete your online profile with as much information as possible. Textbroker sometime target writers directly based on their interests and skills. If you update your profile with a lot of detail, you are more likely to be targeted for better paying articles.



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