14 well paid jobs without a degree…

access With university currently being the “normal path” to getting on the career ladder, we sometimes forget that a degree is not essential in getting well paid jobs. In fact, there are some very well paid jobs out there which don’t require a degree at all. Here are just a few…


Let us know in the comments below if there are any other well paid jobs don’t require a degree that I’ve missed…

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31 thoughts on “14 well paid jobs without a degree…

    • Exactly. Its good for people to understand their options. When I left school, I automatically assumed that my next step was going to University, rather than fully inspecting other options that were available straight from school.

      Looking back, I would still probably decide to go to Uni, but it would have been good to know that there are well paid jobs out there which don’t necessarily require university degrees.
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  1. There are definitely jobs out there that require only a high school diploma but pay a decent wage. As the semester is winding down, I teach a budgeting unit to my middle school students and I let them research and choose their jobs. Most pick a job that requires college, but I have a couple that chose jobs that don’t. I think it’s important for them to know that you don’t have to go to college, but you do still need a career plan.
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  2. i knew bout the entrepreneur 1 but didnt know bout pilots and all these others. thats interesting. as an entrepreneur i m trying to reach the sky timayco90 @ aol (dot) com

      • It is worth pointing out the fact that one or two of these jobs require a significant financial outlay before becoming qualified! Pilots for instance unless lucky to be sponsored (increasingly rare these days) will pay £8,000 to £10,000 easily for a basic PPL, and will then need several more 10’s of thousands of pounds to complete their CPL, before they can begin to earn decent wages. Entrepreneurs may also require a significant financial outlay, to get up and running, sometimes years before they can earn a reasonable living from their enterprise. It’s great to have something to aspire to, but we shouldn’t forget to consider the reasons why more people don’t already do these jobs. To be fair to kids and not overinflate their hopes, we need to present a realistic picture for them. They’ll be able discern their financial options and whether the bank of mum and dad will be able to support them.

        • Thanks for your comment Mau and I agree with you regarding the fact that it is very expensive to become an airline pilot.

          However, as I’ve pointed out, these aren’t professions that are easy to get involved in, or jobs that require no training, or careers which require no investment to get involved in. They are simply 14 well paid jobs that don’t require a university degree.

        • i think that it is also important to point out the significant financial outlay of going to university. being an entrepreneur does not necessarily involve that massive an amount of investment, just a good work ethic. Just look at number of entrepreneurs who started on markets it costs something but it is not horrendous. If you ask me the most important thing is a good smile it will open many doors!!
          Ps. sorry about the punctuation.

  3. These are good jobs … but to be an air traffic controller nowadays u need a college diploma minimum. … but most of the time u need a degree in electronic engineering

      • This is pretty much all a load of rubbish. To get a commercial airline pilot licence cost like £60k. This is all written as if anyone can go get any of those jobs. You might aswell make another list with “easiest ways to become a millionaire” and have the top way as “having a million in your bank”.

        • This seems to have caused some confusion on Facebook as well. These are well paid jobs which don’t require a degree. This doesn’t mean that they jobs which are easy to get, or don’t require significant investment for training. They simply don’t require a degree.

    • Hi Stevie. Thanks for your comment.

      Start by speaking to your seniors to work out how you can progress your career and take on more challenges internally.

      Many people find that their career can stagnate when they have been in a similar role for a long time. Therefore, exploring what else might be available (internally at your company, and elsewhere in your industry) may be the inspiration you need to push on to the next level.
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  4. In reply to Martin McNulty’s comment, I actually work in air traffic control and that’s complete rubbish. I don’t think any of the controllers I work with have degrees, I myself am only 20 years old and I don’t have a degree either, yet, amazingly enough, we all still work in air traffic! Funny that…

  5. Some great suggestions there, but some are tad inaccurate. I have been in hotel work for 10 years…. The starting salary to become a hotel manager with or without a degree is minimum wage, stupid hours and missing a lot of weekends and christmas’ with friends and family. There is no fast track career in hospitality for graduates as it’s a job that relies heavily on experience not education. But it’s a great job and worth all the extra work…..Most of the time!!

    • Thanks for the comment Alex. The wages and careers come from career websites, so it is great to get the input of people actually in the industry who know their own job better than the generic sites. I wish you all the best in your career in the hotel industry – its nice to see someone who is enjoying their job! 🙂

  6. I’ve never been to university. I’m 22 years old and just starting to realise I could do anything I want. I’m determined to one day be an entrepreneur or successful somehow, just got to work out how I’m going to get there. I agree none of them require degrees, just determination…

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