3 Things That Are Holding You Back in Your Career

personal-finance-2If you’re feeling frustrated where your career is concerned, keep reading. Here are three things that could be holding you back from achieving your dreams.



1. You’re Not Suitably Qualified

You can’t expect to take your career to the next level if you’re not prepared, and that means being suitably qualified. While you may have earned yourself good grades at school and college, or even got a degree at university, some job roles require much more specific certifications. For example, in order to become a mortgage adviser, you will first need to acquire a qualification that’s widely recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority, such as the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP). You can complete a CeMAP course online or you can choose to attend lessons in person, and once you’re certified, you will be in a good position to start applying for jobs. By putting in  the time and effort to prepare yourself, you should be able to move forward with your career.



2. You Lack Confidence

Confidence is key, especially when it comes to furthering your career. Without it, you may struggle to progress professionally, and a lack of self-belief could mean you miss out on a wealth of opportunities. Whether you’re too afraid to put yourself forward for a senior position in your current organisation or you’re holding back from applying for your dream role at a different company, automotive locksmith playing it safe isn’t going to help you move forward. What’s more, employers are much more likely to pay attention to someone who is putting themselves out there, so having the motivation to go after what you really want is a desirable trait. Although it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous before an interview, as long as you’re upbeat and positive, you shouldn’t struggle to kick your career confidence into gear.



3. You Keep Procrastinating

If you’re guilty of putting off reaching for your career goals, it’s time to change your approach. Procrastination has the ability to hold you back, and it’s up to you to break out of this bad habit. When it comes to your career, sometimes you’ve got to act fast. For example, delaying sending off a job application could mean that you miss the deadline, spoiling your chances of scoring yourself an interview. So, while you might like the idea of having some time to think about your options, putting off what could be done now may be stopping you from progressing in your career.

By beating these bad habits, you’ll be in a much better position to take full control of your career.

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