4 Reasons You Need Cover This Christmas

4 reasons you need buildings and contents cover this christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s easy to lose track of day-to-day admin like sorting out your home insurance amid the blur of tinsel, Christmas music and fighting in Toys ‘R’ Us for the last Frozen doll.

But Christmas is a time of year when having proper buildings and contents cover in place is more important than ever – and here’s why!


When the weather outside is frightful, take out buildings and contents cover

We’re set for a particularly chilly Christmas and New Year period this year, and this leaves your home at its most vulnerable to problems such as frozen or burst pipes, flooding and structural damage. A broken boiler could result in your family giving you the cold shoulder this Christmas, while a power outage due to bad weather could make it a Christmas dinner of crisps instead of lovely roast spuds.

Taking out buildings and contents insurance means you’ll have access to repairmen and engineers without having to spend your New Year’s Eve drinks budget on a Christmas callout charge.

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That might not be Santa coming down the chimney

Burglars love the festive season for a number of reasons: homes all over the country are left empty as their owners head out to parties or to visit family and friends, and they’re filled with brand new state-of-the-art TVs, laptops and other technology just waiting to be sold on for a profit.

Should your home be targeted, Christmas gifts along with the rest of your property are protected by buildings and contents insurance, ensuring that your presents don’t go to the wrong people this year.

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What a smashing Christmas

Christmas season is party season, and if your house is going to be bursting at the seams with friends and family this year, that puts your property at risk. A red wine stain on your pristine white rug or your pristine vase being knocked over could really kill the mood at your Christmas party if you’re not covered.

With many policies offering new-for-old replacements and accidental damage cover, having buildings and contents insurance means you can relax and let your hair down.

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The Boxing Day sales have come early

As business is usually fairly slow over the festive period, many insurance providers offer generous discounts on their policies to try and entice customers into taking out cover. Shop around for buildings and contents cover in between shopping around for gifts and your good timing could result in savings all year round.

It’s a merry Christmas and everybody’s having fun, yes, but look to the future now and consider the benefits of getting your buildings and contents cover sorted over the festive period. Use a company, such as Freedom to Insure, who compare prices from the entire UK market (as opposed to many price comparison sites, who only work with selected partner companies) to bring you an affordable quote that’s tailored to your needs, and you could get a buildings and contents policy that’ll leave you walking in the air. Merry Christmas!

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