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Personal Finance Podcast - TitleAfter my recent post highlighting my Top 5 Personal Finance books, its time to take a look at my favourite personal finance podcasts and the best business podcasts.

I subscribe to all of these shows on itunes and genuinely look forward to their release every week. There are others on my subscribe list, but they don’t enthuse me as much as the list below. These are truly my favourites.

Most are UK based, but there are also some US based podcasts mixed in that I also listen to. I would recommend a lot of these to everyone, as the ideas and themes aren’t necessarily restricted to personal finance or business in the UK.


sales acrobat xi pro Best Personal Finance Podcasts – Business Podcasts UK

Personal finance podcast - Wake up to Money chief architect x2 buy WAKE UP TO MONEY (UK) – The first thing I do each day. The podcast is a UK based business and financial news podcast with Adam Parsons, Mickey Clark and Robert Miller. Broadcast live every weekday morning at 5.30am on BBC Radio 5 live, it is in your podcast inbox by 7am each morning. Every day, the 30 minute podcast covers everything which is in the financial news, usually closely mirrored to the UK BBC News Website Business section. For me, this is the essential business podcast to listen to in the UK every morning to get the news and strong analysis on the topical matters, which helps me every day to improve my knowledge, but also in conversations with colleagues, etc. The hosts are knowledgeable, but also very entertaining and have heated, but often amusing, conversations with their guests each morning. Released daily.


Personal finance podcast - FT Money Show FT MONEY SHOW (UK) – The FT Money Show comes from the Financial Times each week, and delivers engaging and insightful coverage of the week’s major personal finance issues. Presented by Jonathan Eley, and supported by an ever-changing team of FT journalists, the hosts dissect the weekly news, together with the help of leading industry commentators and discuss how the latest events will affect you and your personal finances. Covers very similar topics to the aforementioned Wake up to money show, but provides some different perspectives of the matters. Released weekly, every Thursday.



Personal finance podcast - The Economist The week ahead THE ECONOMIST: THE WEEK AHEAD (UK) – This podcast is a forward looking show. Again, the format is very similar to all these other business news podcasts, but this time provided by journalists at The Economist magazine in the UK. The best thing about this podcast is that it is forward looking, rather than the retrospective outlook of the shows above. This allows you, somewhat, to act rather than react (one of the fundamentals in success in personal finance). This is also available in video form at the Economist website. Released weekly, every Friday.



Best Personal Finance Podcasts – Investing Podcasts

 The subtitle of this show is what makes it really interesting: “We Study Billionaires”. The weekly shows, hosted by Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen, usually fall into one of two categories. Either they interview a guest who has great insight into the world of the most successful investors, or they review the most influential books on investing (and more generally personal finance). It’s the latter that I find most useful and she hosts both provide their key learning points and cliff-notes from the book which can help you learn the important lessons without spending days reading the book itself.  Released weekly, every Saturday.


Personal finance podcast - Motely Fool Money MOTLEY FOOL MONEY (US) –  This podcast focuses on the US market, but also has a guest slot where experts in certain other fields in money management (investing, saving, real estate, psychology of finance, etc) which is usually very entertaining. This comes from The Motley Fool US, which is focused on the Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P500 and American companies. However, I would strongly suggest that UK listeners listen to the US podcast and vice versa as there is a cornucopia of knowledge in both podcasts which is useful for everyone. Released weekly, every Friday.



Personal finance podcast - The Disciplined Investor THE DISCIPLINED INVESTOR (US) – This is a US based podcast. However, given the influence of the US markets over world markets, it’s certainly relevant for all UK listeners as well. The podcast is hosted by Andrew Horowitz from The Disciplined Investor. He is a very opinionated host (which I like) and he also has expert guests on the show to speak about specific matters which are topical in the market. There is a fair amount of selling of “TriggerCharts” and “TradeStation”, but this is limited and is integrated well to actually offer greater insight into the market movements. Released weekly, every Sunday.



Personal finance podcast - iiTV iiTV (UK) – This video podcast is not released all that often but, when it is, it’s pretty good! It belongs to the Interactive Investor, which is trading service but also provide a good free website where you can manage your online portfolio and there is also a UK based forum (although don’t read too much into the “opinions” on this forum as it is usually bitching and “we’ll get rich” type posts, rather than any meaningful analysis). Each videocast consists of a 3 minute interview with fund managers or other analysts from City firms. The interviews usually have questions such as “what do you think about sector X?” or “which company are you looking at in this field”. I echo caution, as the responses are probably aligned to match the specific fund managers’ positions, but it is often a good starting place for performing your own further research. Released sporadically.

Vanguard Investment CommentaryVanguard: Investment Commentary (US) –
 It’s no surprise to me that my favourite of all the investing podcasts comes from Vanguard. Is there anything these guys don’t do amazingly?! This podcast discusses the real issues regarding investing. Like the firm’s general approach to passive investing, It doesn’t care about not how Company X has under-performed analysts targets by one cent. Instead it focuses on the big topics of ETFs, decisions from the Fed, whether the 4% rule for retirement is still relevant, wealth transfer across generations, etc.  Whilst this is primarily an investing podcast by an investing company, the Vanguard Investment Commentary  podcast covers so much more. Released approximately monthly.



Best Personal Finance Podcasts – Property Podcasts UK

Personal finance podcast - The Property PodcastTHE PROPERTY PODCAST (UK) – My choices for property podcasts UK aren’t particularly diversified, but I really like these two guys (Rob Bence from RMP property and Rob Dix the self proclaimed property geek) who present all these shows in this section. The first choice is “The Property Podcast” which has had some tremendous success since its release in March 2013. The podcasts covers everything related to property investing and is excellent for beginners and experts alike. In fact, its so good that it inspired me to leave an itunes podcast review (my only one ever left) saying: “Highly educational and entertaining podcast from Rob & Rob, who are highly personable and knowledgeable presenters. I’ve been listening every week since the start and look forward to the Thursday release each week.” Released weekly, every Thursday.


Personal finance podcast - The UK Property PodcastTHE PROPERTY GEEK PODCAST (UK) – One half of the property podcast, Rob Dix, interviews a new guest every week in this other UK property podcast. The guest is always a real expert in the subject being discussed and has been hand picked by Rob to ensure that they are the subject expert (not just because they have a new book out!). The property geek podcast covers more specific and slightly more complex topics that the Property Podcast (a recent episode is titled “Doing creative deals using installment contracts), and the host and guest provide, in detail, the pros and cons of these methods. Released weekly, every Monday.



Personal finance podcast - Property News RadioPROPERTY NEWS RADIO (UK) – The other half of the property podcast, Rob Bence, also has his own show. In the property news radio podcast, Rob picks up a series of recent news articles from the UK press (usually one good one and one bad one) and discusses the themes within, providing his own expert analysis on the matter. Its less than 15 minutes long, and so is an easy listen during a single commute, and really does provide a concise review of the topical property news in the UK. Its fairly new (only 5 episodes released), but has started really well. Released weekly, every Wednesday.



 – The excellent team of Damien Fogg and Anna Harper bring us the Property Investor podcast which is a weekly interview with successful property investors. In this UK property podcast, they discuss, in great detail, their investment strategies, adviece and lessons learned on their path to property investment success. This podcast only started in December 2014, but the two hosts have already found their feet and their interviewing technique is excellent. They ask the right questions of the property investors in order to extract information that is truly and practically useful for the listener. Released fortnightly.




Best Personal Finance Podcasts – Entertainment/General Finance Podcasts

Personal finance podcast - Stacking BenjaminsSTACKING BENJAMINS (US) – I’m sure a lot of readers already listen to this podcast and, if not, you probably read the website. The podcast is run by the “Average Joe”, together with “The Other Guy (the OG)” who discuss matters on personal finance, usually related to a recent article published on the website. It’s a very light hearted podcast, hosted from his mom’s basement (or occasionally from his mom’s neighbour’s basement when the usual recording location is being fumigated!) with contributions from a series of regular guests (Doug, Len Penzo, PK,  and a plethora of other regular guests). The show is just over an hour long and does cover some very serious themes in personal finance. However, the format is very light and makes the hour fly by. Released three times per week.

Rich Dad Radio ShowRICH DAD RADIO SHOW (US) –
 The author of the legendary “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book has his own podcast! Robert Kiyosaki brings his own views and (strong) opinions on personal finance, investing and business (especially that of an entrepreneur). Refreshingly, Robert doesn’t hold back with his opinions, which are often different (and frankly better informed) than the mainstream media. The Rich Dad Radio Show also answers listener questions on specific subjects and interviews some impressive guests. Released weekly, every Monday.


LISTEN MONEY MATTERS (US) – This is a pretty popular podcast hosted by two guys who aren’t ashamed about their love of beer. They claim their podcast isn’t your dad’s personal finance show, and I can see why. They take pretty serious (and sometimes confusing) subjects around money and make it fun. You’ve got Andrew and Thomas, who are relatable, brash, and occasionally funny. Their down to earth conversations, combined with actionable advice. The show is an hour long, but you may find that the time really passes by. Released once per week.


Personal finance podcast - Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer LifeMONEY GIRL’S QUICK AND DIRTY TIPS FOR A RICHER LIFE (US) – A much shorter podcast, hosted by Laura Adams (the author of several personal finance books), this weekly podcast discusses certain personal finance issues in several areas. Her website mantra is “From credit, to taxes, to retirement, to insurance – I’ll make money simple so you rule your finances, make smart investment decisions, and have a richer life” and the podcast is an extension of this aim. At around 10 minutes per podcast, its an easy to listen to, yet informative way to pick up tips on saving money and improving your long term wealth. All of these suggestions are US based, but all cover topics which are relevant for everyone globally. Released weekly, every Wednesday.



Best Personal Finance Podcasts – Income Generation

Personal finance podcast - $MART PASSIVE INCOMETHE SMART PASSIVE INCOME PODCAST (US) – there are millions of podcasts out there for additional revenue generation and 99.9% of them are very obvious adverts for the product that the host is trying to sell. This makes many of them pretty useless for the listener. This is the best I have found in this field. There is so much less selling (and no adverts) and the themes are more general in the world of income generation (productivity, goals, marketing, advertising, website management, etc). The length of the podcasts vary from 20 minutes to over an hour. It is hosted by Pat Flynn from Smartpassiveincome, who runs a blog and is a good host. A very positive host with some great ideas. Released weekly, every Friday.



Best Personal Finance Podcasts – Education

Personal finance podcast - TEDTalks BusinessTEDTalks BUSINESS (Worldwide) – If you don’t add any others, add this!! Anyone who follows this website will know that I LOVE TED. I certainly wouldn’t restrict yourself to the business videos on TED, but this podcast is an excellent way to get the educational videos posted to you directly on a regular basis. For those of you who don’t know (seriously??), TED stands for Technology, Education and Design and it is a global set of conferences under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. And the ideas are almost always worth spreading! There are hundreds of videos already on the TEDTalks Business podcasts and new ones are being added all the time. And it isn’t just the same boring stuff. I’ve just watched, for example, “The Freakonomics of Crack Dealing” about being a gang leader and the finances of selling crack cocaine. Released approximately monthly, but schedule not defined.



Best Personal Finance Podcasts – All Round Genius…! 😉

Moneystepper Savings ChallengeMoneystepper Savings Challenge (UK) – Well, I would be amiss to not include this beauty! This is our very own personal finance podcast. Our episodes are split between analysis of the Moneystepper Savings Challenge, interviews with active participants and episodes on personal finance topics and techniques that you absolutely must consider in order to get ahead financially. By listening to the podcast, measuring your personal finances like a business and being accountable to a whole community of people taking the challenge, I am confident that you can meet your 2015 financial goals with me and accelerate your journey towards financial freedom! Released weekly, every Thursday.

Moneystepper Q&A PodcastMoneystepper Q&A Podcast (UK)
– And another personal finance podcast from Moneystepper to add to your subscription list!!! Following the Moneystepper Savings Challenge podcast, we also now have the Moneystepper Q&A podast – answering your personal finance questions three times a week. If you have a question, please visit the “Submit a Question” page where you can leave your question (via the comments or via voicemail), or alternatively you can send your question via email to




So, that is my current library of personal finance podcasts and business podcasts UK, and I listen to them all religiously.

Do you listen to any of these personal finance podcasts? What do you think of them? Are there any other personal finance podcasts or business podcasts that you would recommend?

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    • I have not. How exciting! In the past hour, I’ve just run out of new subscribed podcasts to listen to. A new 26 episodes of a podcast is very welcome – just downloading now! Thanks Andy.

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  4. What a list! Thanks for putting this together!

    I’m a huge podcast fan and particularly like the Patt Flynn show. Was looking for some new finance and property casts and you’ve certainly helped me expand my library!

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