New York and New Jersey State of Mind


Preparing for a relocation to New York? New Jersey? Or are you going to be one of the many people who work in New York and call New Jersey Home?

Curious as to what each of these states has to offer its residents? Perhaps you are in the early planning stages for this relocation and looking for a moving company who knows the area?

Take a few moments and read on, as this article will assist you with some of the basics with a relocation to this area.



Relocating to New York

Let’s start with New York, a state so filled with beauty and excitement that books can be filled alone with just one portion of the state. How many friends or family do you know that have vacationed in New York? Chances are a few.

To be so fortunate as to call a state home that many people go to for vacation is truly a blessing. Having spent some time myself in Upstate New York, I can personally attest to the region and its offerings.

From Saratoga Springs and the excitement of the 6-week thoroughbred meet, to the Adirondack Mountains and the beauty of nature through the seasons, this part of the state is a must visit.

It may be that once you visit Upstate New York, it may be called home. I personally can’t wait to get back there, hopefully in 2017.



And Neighbouring New Jersey

To the east of New York is New Jersey, a state as I grew up that was made fun of by some. Ignorance, and those that make fun of the state obviously have not spent much time there and experienced what it has to offer.

new-york-1-jpgThat was my experience, as growing up I let the people who spoke negatively of Jersey filtrate my perception of the state, conveniently blocking out all the positives that were spoken. Then, as life has its way of doing, I spent some time there.

And my perception of New Jersey immediately changed. I was overwhelmed with how friendly each person was that I met. From the gas station attendant to the local pizzeria, residents were not just friendly, they were welcoming.

Each stop I made along the turnpike made for pleasant surprises in my interactions with locals, so I decided to spend the night in New Jersey on my way to Upstate New York. More than once.

The Jersey Shore, casinos, professional and collegiate sports, New Jersey Lighthouses, and art exhibits are just a sampling of what is in store for those who call Jersey home.



The Realities of Moving

Per Tiger Moving and Storage, it is best to select a company that rewards employees based upon the satisfaction of the customer.

Equally important, find a moving company that provides accurate estimates up front if you are moving to Jersey City so you will not be hit with unexpected costs on moving day.

Relocating can be an equally exciting and stressful time. Reduce the stress you are under by seeking the help of a professional moving company once you have found where you will call home.

Be it New York or New Jersey, enjoy the atmosphere and people in this wonderful part of the country. The best part of living in this region is that you are in a true hotbed of activity and within a short drive of practically all you can ever dream of.


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