Brexit or Bremain – What will you decide?!

Brexit or Bremain

cost of ableton live 9 As the EU referendum debate draws to a close, it seems that the nation is still generally undecided on whether the UK would be better in or out of the EU.

Other than immigration, the economic impact of leaving the EU seems to be the biggest deciding factor driving people’s opinions. A few weeks back, we wrote extensively on the economic impact of a Brexit on the UK economy and what it means to the UK economy as a whole.

Today, we’ve been looking at a great infographic from Boost Capital that breaks down what remaining in, or leaving, the EU would look like to different sectors of the economy. More interestingly, it breaks down who’s currently in and who’s currently out in these areas.

Brexit Infographic: EU Referendum Guide for Small Business
Brexit Infographic: EU Referendum Guide for Small Business by Boost Capital


The points I personally find the most interesting are:



1) The fact that small business owners are split almost entirely down the middle

Does this mean that the average small business owner doesn’t know the impact? Or, that half of small business owners think they’ll be better off in and half out?


2) The huge divide by regions

These regions are so big that they generally split social classes. However, you can see a monumental difference between Yorkshire and the North West, despite their geographical proximity.



3) Education (and the educated???) are a remain vote

This is something I’ve also seen elsewhere. There seems to be a great support of the EU from education and the arts, whereas construction based sectors tend to err towards the side of leaving. I wonder if this is due to the industry, or the fact that people in education as themselves, almost by definition, more educated!


If you’ve not yet made your mind up (and if you’re wondering, my postal vote is already in the postbox!), then these facts above, especially in the pros and cons section, could well help you decide which side of the fence to sit!

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