Simple Ways To Cut The Cost Of Your Wedding Day

 Simple ways to cut the cost of your wedding day

It may be your dream day, but that doesn’t mean that your wedding day should cause you financial nightmares now and for years to come!

You might be surprised to hear that the average cost of a wedding is £20,500 – or perhaps now that you are planning a wedding that figure might not appear so surprising but more overwhelming as the bills mount up and the credit card gets maxed out.

But there are ways you can cut the cost of your wedding day, you must simply think smarter and become a little more ruthless when it comes to cutting things out (and yes, we are referring to that guest list which could probably do with a trim). Here are some simple ways to cut the cost of your big day, if you’re struggling to meet your budget:



Do It Yourself

Everything from the save the dates and invitations to your table decorations can be created yourself. Not only is it a great way of injecting some personality into your big day, but it can also save you money if you stick to simple designs that can be created using card, some special markers and your own handwriting.


Ditch The Flowers

Okay, not entirely but if you have more greenery in your floral arrangements you can save some money and still have full, lush displays on the tables and to hold as you walk down the aisle. It’s also a good idea to choose flowers that are in season for the month your wedding takes place. Flowers out of season are harder to come by and therefore will cost more so buying those that are readily available can really help when it comes to cutting costs.


Book Out Of Season

The summer months are when brides and grooms to be come out and fight over the nearest venues, so save yourself the hassle and some money by booking your wedding out of season. It might be a little cooler but think of the thousands of pounds you can save – and the cute faux fur shrug you can wrap up in for outside photos.



where can i buy autodesk autocad architecture Don’t Have Your Wedding On A Saturday

Much like booking out of season, having your wedding on any other day can save you money as weekends are sought after by couples.

It might mean some guests have to take some time out of their holiday allocation, but if you have your big day on a Friday they get a party and a nice long weekend out of it!


where can i buy autodesk autocad architecture Choose A Venue That Doesn’t Make You Use Their Services

The bar and catering at certain venues might be convenient but it can be costly. However, finding your own will definitely save you money in the long run. Plus, you can choose food that you actually like and that reflects you and your partner’s tastes. Why not book a traditional fish and chip van or a taco stand to dish out delicious food to you and your guests?


Go Second Hand

Have a friend or family member who recently got married? Then they might have boxes of leftover wedding décor and stationery you can buy off them (or they might be kind enough to simply let you have it all!) Using second hand items on your wedding day isn’t cheap, it’s smart and leaves room in your budget to splurge on other elements you perhaps hadn’t thought you could spend much on.




But do bear in mind there are certain things that deserve a bigger chunk of your budget. Your wedding rings, for example, are going to be worn forever more and therefore need to be high quality, timeless and something you will cherish, therefore they can take up a little more of your budget. Head to a site such as where you can customise your own ring and still stick to a lower budget if needs be. Simply think about elements that you might not necessarily need and find alternatives or cut them out altogether!

4 thoughts on “Simple Ways To Cut The Cost Of Your Wedding Day

  1. Hi,,

    Very nice post to be shared with.

    Nowadays wedding has become a good business to earn for vendors and planners. Planning a wedding according to your dream might won’t come true. Its best to be smart and act smart in selecting all the things for your wedding and have a check that it is available more cheaper anywhere or not.

    The points discussed here by you are great and easy to understand, with some of them you can’t work but can give your view for it and wisely it would be selected. You must do all your preparations with an open eye to save some and act smart. No need to spend a lot for just one day.

    Thank you so much for posting it.
    Have a nice weekend.

    ~ Harshwardhan
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  2. I agree that we shouldn’t because of our wedding day face financial hardships. It’s better to cut costs, in a realistic manner. I like the tips you shared. Especially the one on having your wedding on a week day. It’s a huge money-saver. Most people won’t get round to attending because of work or other issues.
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  3. Hi

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    As we know wedding in our form is a issue of big expense, but one who’s smart didn’t waste too much for just one day and save some for future. Making budget and having plan from before really helps a lot.

    The brief description which you have made is good and meaningful, the list of average cost which you have made is great and by following it one can save a few more. You can look in your locality for more cheaper things if you wish to go more down and it is not that you can’t get good things in low range just you have to do a more running and a nice planning.

    Very nice of you for posting it with us.
    Have a nice weekend.

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