What to do when an injury is not your fault

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mathcad 14 buying When an injury isn’t your fault…

Personal Injuries Not Your Fault

We all have accidents from time to time. Sometimes we trip over our own laces, or fall over obstacles we didn’t realise were there. It’s a perfectly normal everyday occurrence and of course, some of us are more clumsy than others and this means we are more likely to have more accidents.

However, sometimes accidents just aren’t our fault – perhaps, somebody knocks you over in a rush to get somewhere, perhaps someone knocks you off your bike or spill some food onto you – and while these are often relatively minor, they could potentially have a more serious impact upon our health.

One of the most serious areas that can cause more of a long term impact is of a consequence of poor medical treatment. Perhaps you have had a bad experience with some form of cosmetic surgery, or as a result of poor advice or misdiagnosis from your GP.

Whatever the reason, if you have had a poor experience in a medical environment, you may be entitled to receive compensation for any pain or suffering you have felt, or any loss of earnings you may have accrued during this time.



Medical negligence

Medical negligence solicitors can provide a free and impartial consultation. Express Solicitors, for example, operate throughout the UK and are renowned as a well-known and trusted medical negligence solicitors who will work hard to give you the best advice. They can provide a free and fair assessment of your individual situation over the phone, meaning that you can the best choice for you armed with the knowledge that medical negligence solicitors Express Solicitors are on hand to help every step of the way.

Among the best features of medical negligence solicitors Express Solicitors is the personal service they strive to provide each and every time, and guarantee that each and every time you will be advised by a qualified professional who know the specific field your case is related to. Even if you can’t get through to one of their medical negligence solicitors immediately, you are able to leave a message and the medical negligence solicitors team will get back to you as quickly as they can.



Express Solicitors

On top of our team of experts in all fields of law, Express Solicitors use the very latest industry technology and take part in the very latest training programs to ensure that your advice is as accurate and relevant as possible. With the accreditation from the Law Society as a Specialist in the field of Personal Injury Practice, as well as being a corporate member of the APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers), you can rest assured that you are being taken care of in the best and most professional way possible.

Let’s take just one example of the wide range of methods that Express Solicitors could help you with. If you had an issue either in an NHS situation or private hospital, then medical negligence solicitors Express Solicitors are in a position to be able to help you. You could have been a victim or a bad judgment, poor surgery or even the maltreatment that has led you to be a victim of pain, and you could well be entitled to make a claim.

Even if there were issues during labour or birth, defective implants, an incorrect or wrong dosage or prescription of medicine, a problem in A & E (accident and emergency), there really is no potential situation where Express Solicitors are not qualified or experienced enough to help you. So what are you waiting for? Call today and find out if you are entitled to make your claim; after all, you have nothing to lose!

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One thought on “What to do when an injury is not your fault

  1. I think it’s important for people not to just shrug off an accident. However, once I was riding my bike on a bike path and someone failed to stop at a stop sign. I ran right into the back of her car. She looked at me and drove off. Cops said it could be considered my fault since I was the one to hit her. So be careful and know how the law may view your situation before you get in too deep on your case.
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