10 Christmas Gifts You Can Make At Home

10 Christmas Gifts You Can Make At Home

visual studio buy Do you find yourself running frantically around the shopping centre on Christmas Eve every year trying to buy presents for your loved ones. Well, here are 10 Christmas gifts you can make at home this year.

The Moneystepper Savings Challenge November Mini Challenge was set last weekend as follows:

software cost graphisoft archicad 14 Have all of your Christmas presents sorted by 30th November 2015.

Yep, I want you to be one of those people that infuriate you when on the 23rd December you ask them in a panic: “have you still got your Christmas shopping to do”?

Rather than receiving a sympathetic “yeah, I haven’t started”, you get back a smug “no, I finished all mine a month ago”.

But, there is some reasoning behind why we want to get our Christmas presents sorted before the end of November, beyond being able to be that smug git!

As we outlined in the challenge, one key benefit of sorting your presents early is that you get to think about making thoughtful presents yourself. Not only will this mean more to your loved one that is receiving your kind offering, but it should also help you save on cost.

So, here are a few ideas of Christmas gifts you can make at home. If you have any others that you want to share, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.



1. Homemade Calendars

Homemade-gift-Decorated-Recycled-Calendar-537x402This one is inspired by my Father-in-Law who does this every year for his family.

Simply buy a very cheap standard calendar. Then, select and print twelve photo of things which are meaningful for the recipient and stick the photo over the “stock image” which comes on the calendar.

A bit of careful sticking and you have a wonderfully thoughtful Christmas gift for as little as a couple of quid.


2. Hooded Towels

Hooded Towels

This is a pretty cool (and surprisingly easy) Christmas gift you can make at home. With a normal towel and some creating sewing and sticking, you can create any hooded towel you want.

The image above is a “reindeer hooded towel” and the instructions to make it can be found here: Reindeer Hooded Towel. Equally, you can change a few steps and make a Frog Towel (this is my personal favourite) or anything else that you deem fit.


3. Hot Chocolate Snowmen


Not many ingredients to this one: a few sweets, some hot chocolate powder, some marshmallows and some cheap ribbon. Further details can be found here: Hot Chocolate Snowmen.



4. Cookie dough gift


These ideas aren’t doing much for my low-sugar diet, but they do look pretty awesome! This ready-made cookie dough tray could be a wonderful gift for a loved-one with a sweet tooth.


5. Felt Crayon Holder


One for the kids this one. Fed up of looking at the boring old colouring books. Well, you could inspire a little more creativity and inspiration by making this felt crayon holder. You could replace with pencils and replace the notepad with some form of other paper or templates if you wish, but the idea remains the same.


6. A Clutch Bag


Good for big and small girls alike! You can follow this fairly simple tutorial to create a simple clutch bag to keep those essentials on a night out, or in fact any time you leave the house. Clearly with this being homemade, you can make the design of the clutch bag to suit the recipients style and their loves.



7. Oven Gloves


A little similar to the clutch bag, but something you can make at home which will be a great addition to a friend’s or family member’s kitchen. The photo and this tutorial show you how to make Christmas oven mittens, but clearly by changing the fabric, you can decide on a specific and thoughtful design.


8. Lavender bags


One that I will have to make for my wife after she reads this! 🙂

These little lavender bags are easily sewed together with dried lavender and can make a wonderful thrifty gift. You can simply add a little lace or ribbon to make them look even better.


9. Coffee cup sleeve

Coffee Cup

Whilst we at Moneystepper suggest cutting back on that daily latte or cappuccino to save some pennies, we know that many people won’t. If you have a coffee-holic in your life, then a custom made coffee cup sleeve could be a very thoughtful and very thrifty present.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make this can be found here: Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeves.


10. Photo items

Photo Items

This one may be cheating a little bit, but it really can make an awesome gift. A photo of a special place or moment that you share with the recipient can be put onto another item very cheaply. Just make sure that you spend the time selecting the most appropriate photo, and you spend time making the photo look the best it can (photoshop could be your friend!).

Some ideas may be:



I hope you have found some of these ideas useful.

If you have any other ideas, or you’ve tried some of the ideas above, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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