3 Tips To Big Savings When Booking UK Rental Cars

Tips for cheaper car hire

cost of solidworks 2017 premium license Road tripping with your family is a great way to spend some quality time together, but paying for all of the expenses can be a tough task sometimes. The problem is amplified when you drive long distances because you will have to pay for all petrol and tolls, as well as the needed stays in accommodations along the way.

So, if you are planning to hit the road on your vacation and you need to hire a rental car, here are 3 tips to saving some easy money on car rentals.




costs creative suite 6 design standard 1. Investigate Loyalty Programs

It is definitely worthwhile finding out which rental car firms are partnering with airlines and credit card companies. For example, if you pay for the rental hire with your credit card, many credit card companies will also provide additional insurance cover, reduce or waive certain fees and even offer discounts on car hire costs as well.

Then look at the airline, because you could earn additional reward points and even discounts on hiring a car from a rental company that is partnered with your airline.



2. Search Online For Discount Coupons

If you are preparing to do the leg work you will be amazed at the number of discount coupons you can find online for rental car companies. All you need to do is type in the name of a rental car firm and the word ‘coupon’ into the search box and you will be amazed at the number of coupons you will discover.

I just found one for DriveNow, a UK car rental company who have a 50% discount coupon available for another 6 weeks online. This is a huge saving and will definitely free up some of your holiday money, allowing you to spend more on fun activities with the kids.



3. Don’t Book Your Car Hire At The Airport

Last minute car rentals can actually save you a lot of money, because rental firms don’t want their car cars standing idle in their lot, they want them on the road earning them money. The problem is that leaving it to the last minute and hiring a car at the airport can actually cost you more money because of additional airport fees, which are added to the cost of the rentals.

So instead of selecting the airport as your pickup location, you may be able to save money by picking up your rental car away from the airport like the suburbs or the CBD. This of course means transporting your family to your pickup depot either via taxi or public transport, so you should factor that into your calculations.

However, the cost of a quick train trip into London or even a taxi ride is not all that high, particularly if it means that you will make significant savings on car rental fees.


Hopefully these three quick tips will help you to save lots of money on UK car rentals.

6 thoughts on “3 Tips To Big Savings When Booking UK Rental Cars

  1. I really liked your second piece of advice to search online for discount coupons. I know that I’m always up for saving money, so knowing that there are options to be able to save money on my car rental is really helpful! You talk about how there are many different discount options out there, and, I guess, it’s just a matter of doing your research to be able to use those discounts. I will definitely be sure to use this advice to save me some money on my next car rental– thanks!

  2. Last minute car rentals are sure to break your wallet if you are on a tight budget. If you really want the best deal possible, you should book well in advance of your trip. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I didn’t realize that taking the taxi would be so much cheaper. It is probably safer and faster though too, for the drivers of the taxis know the roads and the people on them. With a tourist, you have no idea what to expect while driving in a different country. Plus, you should also think about if they drive on the other side of the road to where you live too, and if that will mess you up.

  4. Last minute car rentals are sure to break your wallet if you are on a tight budget. If you really want the best deal possible, you should book well in advance of your trip. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Before you book car hire for your hols, don’t forget to consider the alternatives. Unnecessary car hire can be an expensive, unused hindrance.

    Car swaps, public transport and even taking your own car may work out cheaper for some destinations.

    If you plan to spend most of your time topping up your tan rather than travelling, a few taxi rides may be cheaper. International taxi fare calculator Holiday Taxis gives an estimate of what journeys might cost.

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