5 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

sales product design 5 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Oh dear, oh dear. You didn’t complete our November challenge did you? And now, you’ve only got a few days until Christmas morning…

Don’t panic! Thanks to our 5 last minute Christmas gift ideas, all may not be lost!

With only three days until Christmas, here are 5 ways that you can get great gifts for your loved ones before Christmas Day.



1. It’s Not Too Late To Shop Online

At time of releases (2nd November) it’s actually still not late to get online delivery. Isn’t the internet wonderful?!

At each of your favourite online sites, you’ll find a “last order date” where delivery is guaranteed on, or before, 24 December 2015.

Here are just a few of the most popular sites and the last order date for guaranteed delivery:

  • Amazon: One Day Delivery – December 23
  • Amazon: Express Delivery – December 23
  • Amazon: Same Day Delivery – December 24
  • Amazon: Prime Now – December 24
  • Asda: December 23
  • Debenhams: December 23
  • Evans Cycles: December 22
  • Lastminute.com: December 23
  • M&S: December 22
  • Sports Direct: December 22 (7pm)
  • Ticketmaster: December 23
  • Topshop/Topman: December 23
  • Very: December 23
  • Zavvi: December 23

However, even if it’s not too late to get your online purchase, you can still get head down to your local shops…


2. Get Yourself Down The Shops

Most shops and supermarkets will be open on Christmas Eve, and many will be opening later to allow even the very last minute shopper get their gifts purchased before Christmas Day.

These will all depend on your region and your local store, but here are the opening times of some of the most common UK stores:

  • Tesco Superstores – 7pm
  • Tesco Express/Metro Stores – 10pm
  • Sainsbury’s Superstores – 6pm
  • Sainsbury’s Local – 9pm
  • M&S – 6pm
  • Aldi – 6pm
  • Lidl – 6pm
  • Asda – 7pm
  • Morrisons – 6pm

Beyond the superstores, most major shopping centres in the UK will be open until 5pm, with certain centres (Bluewater, London Oxford Street) open until 6pm.

So, if you still need a quick browse round for gift ideas, or need to get to the stores to get something specific, you can still go on Christmas Eve, but make sure you don’t leave it too late.

A better idea for a last minute Christmas gift idea may be something that you can get straight from your printer…



3. A Present You Can Print

The list of gifts you can print these days is endless.

Some ideas for last minute Christmas gift ideas you can print include:

  • Museum Memberships
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Gift cards (we recommend Zeek)
  • Groupon vouchers
  • Sport Tickets
  • Concert Tickets

In reality, you can actually gift anything that you want from your printer. Just make a lovely IOU in paint, powerpoint or word and jazz it up nicely. Lots of photos of things that are related to the recipient and to the event itself can make a last minute rush idea seem like a very touching and thoughtful present!


4. Make A Donation

Another nice last minute gift may be a donation. Usually, you will receive a nice online receipt or card which shows the donation that you have made. For your Auntie who loves animals, you might want to get them an “adopt a XXXXX” type present. Combine that with some cute photos of the animal printed out and, once again, you have a very thoughtful gift.

With this present, just make sure that you know your audience. Make sure you don’t buy your grumpy mate Karl a goat donation for Christmas…!



sales product design 5. Make Something Yummy

Finally, if you’ve still not got any presents sorted, you could bake up an absolute treat for a friend or family. You can search online for hundreds and thousands of recipes, and you can specifically find a cake or cookie recipe that matched your recipient’s loves.

If anyone’s got any other good ideas for last minute Christmas presents then let me know. Unless of course, it’s goat shaped…

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  1. These are definitely some great ideas for Christmas gifts. I especially love the food idea as it sounds difficult to go wrong with food! Thanks so much for sharing all the awesome advice!

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