Find big online discounts with Groupon  Find big online discounts with Groupon

We’ve all heard of Groupon. Right? And, we are all using it to swipe a load of money off our activities, eating out and treats. Right? Well, maybe not… let me tell you more!

As per Groupon’s most recent investor update, Groupon had 14.5 million active customers in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) region in Q2 2014.

The total population of the EMEA region if around 2.2 billion people. Therefore, only 0.7% of the EMEA population are using Groupon. Clearly, this isn’t fair, as not all this population will have access to Groupon.

Narrowing it down a little, we can perform a quick analysis of all the countries which groupon are active in and the number of internet users that country has (according the

Find big online discounts with Groupon 1

Therefore, of all internet users in the countries where Groupon have an active presence, only 2.5% of people with internet access are actively using Groupon.


Why Should I Be Using Groupon?

Groupon is effectively designed to attract new customers to businesses. These businesses use Groupon (usually at a loss) in order to spread the word about their products and services and in the hope that Groupon customers will return back to them as a “normal customer”.

This provides a great opportunity for bargain hunters. All you need to do is sign-up to Groupon, buy the product online and then visit the retailer to obtain your product or service within a pre-defined time frame.

You could end up saving up to 80% compared to the retail price, meaning that you can buy some great deals for yourself (and for others as a gift if you wish) for much less than you would normally.


Groupon – some examples – find a restaurant

The best way to demonstrate the power of Groupon is through some examples. I live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (lovely place it is!). Tonight, I’m going out for dinner with 3 friends. We are meeting in the city centre after work and want somewhere not too expensive to eat (preferably an Italian restaurant).

So, I fire up Groupon! I set my destination to Newcastle (this is done automatically once I am signed up), and I’m provided with the following current deals:

Find big online discounts with Groupon 2

Find big online discounts with Groupon 3

Find big online discounts with Groupon 4

My first thought is that these pictures are making me incredibly hungry!

I remember that my friends will be driving home and hence the two offers with wine included my not be the best. So, I look further at the first offering. When I click into the deal, it actually gets even better:

Find big online discounts with Groupon 5

This is looking perfect. However, I just want to check the reviews first. Easy. On the same page, Groupon shows you a description of the merchant and their reviews from TripAdvisor:

Find big online discounts with Groupon 6

But, where is it? Don’t worry, keep scrolling down….

Find big online discounts with Groupon 7

Better check the terms and conditions. They’ll be hiding away somewhere, won’t they? Nope – straight in front of us:

Find big online discounts with Groupon 8

A quick scan and everything seems good. Tonight is before 5th Feb 2015, its not a bank holiday, we will have 4 people, hopefully all sitting at one table (assuming no arguments ensue). I’ll phone up and book by phone now to check we can get a table tonight. We’ll be going between 5.30pm-10pm Mon to Sat, so that’s good as well.

Also, I’m informed up front that this local restaurant doesn’t accept debit or credit cards. I like the sound of this place! I often find the best and most charismatic eateries don’t accept cards. I’ll make a quick trip to the cash machine on the way there.

Voilà. Three course meal at a highly rated restaurant at a 59% discount to the menu prices. Pretty chuffed with that.


Groupon – some examples – things to do

What am I going to do this weekend? Groupon can give us some ideas…

What about a round of golf and coffees for 60% off?

Find big online discounts with Groupon 9

A day at the races at 50% off?

Find big online discounts with Groupon 10

Newcastle United stadium tour at 54% off:

Find big online discounts  11with Groupon

Maybe after that big 3 course meal, I want to get in better shape? There’s offers for that as well:

10 day gym pass at a whopping 80% off?

Find big online discounts with Groupon 12

A month’s boot camp at 44% off?

Find big online discounts with Groupon 13

The options are amazing!!



In fact, in Newcastle alone, there are over 200 offers for local services in the area. Add this to the many national deals and there truly is something for everyone.



Groupon’s hidden little gem

As readers of moneystepper, I’m sure you have at least heard of Groupon, even if you don’t use it. However, what you might not have come across is their holiday deal service. This is an absolute winner! On the website, there is a subsection for “getaways”:


There is everything on here: local stays in B&Bs, week long holidays abroad, weekend city breaks, etc.

Again, best shown by example. Say I want a new year’s getaway and know where I want to go, I can plug in my dates for a weekend in January 2015 and up pops some great deals.

Even better, if you have some flexibility, you can find truly unbeatable deals. For instance, there is currently a deal for:

  • 2 nights in a 4* hotel in Venice
  • Return flights from London
  • Breakfast included

All for £89 per person!


Well, I’m sure I’ve waxed lyrical enough about Groupon. Just follow the Groupon Link and check out what deals you can find in your local area! And, with Christmas just around the corner, you can click on the banner below to find the best deals on your Christmas shopping:


Note – all prices are accurate at the time the article was published (12/11/2014).


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4 thoughts on “Find big online discounts with Groupon

  1. The best way to use Groupon is on purchases that you would make anyways. If you do that, you will guarantee yourself to save money. The trap that many fall into is that they buy a deal that may in fact be a great deal, but may not have been something that they otherwise would have purchased. In that case, whether there is a true ‘savings’ is up for debate, and in fact, money is often wasted.
    Money Beagle recently posted…Wrapping Up The Never Ending Paint ProjectMy Profile

    • Thanks for the comment MB. Whilst there are big savings to be had, a big saving on something you don’t really need or want is indeed money wasted. Good point to keep in mind when browsing Groupon and getting overly excited about the big discounts!

      • Seems like an interesting danger trap. We previously reported in another article that a high percentage of people admit to buying clothes that they have never, ever worn. Therefore, the big discounts can be awesome if you need the product, but equally could entice someone to buy something that they wouldn’t have otherwise bought. Thanks for the warning!

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