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Price of Protein

Protein is an integral part of a healthy diet. The debate will probably go on for many years surrounding what the right amount of protein in your diet is, but protein essentially helps build/rebuild muscle, keeps one full and helps in maintaining a healthy diet.

However, as a personal finance website, moneystepper is interested in the price of protein and how much different sources of protein might cost. The analysis below shows many of the possible sources of protein and the cost of each one in terms of price per gram of protein.

It also shows the cost of “protein alternatives”, such as protein shakes and protein bars and their relative costs.

All prices for the protein products are taken from Discount Supplements. I personally use Discount Supplements for my protein products as they provide highly nutritional protein products at very good value (and that actually taste pretty good!).

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Price Of Protein Per Gram – Traditional Foods

All prices are taken from the website and are accurate as at 22/04/2014:

Price of Protein 1



Price Of Protein Per Gram – Discount Protein Supplements

All prices are taken from the Discount Supplements website and are accurate as at 22/04/2014:

Price of Protein 2


Discount Supplements Review

The source for the protein supplements in the table above is taken from the UK website Discounts Supplements. I’ve personally used this site for many years as its the cheapest source for high quality protein in the UK, and with free delivery on all orders to the UK, Ireland & France.

As you can see in the tables above, the cheapest source of protein per gram (and in fact, one of the healthiest in terms of protein vs calories/fat levels) is the protein shake at only 1.25p per gram of protein.

These figures are taken from the Optimum Health Ultimate Whey Protein product, a product which I’ve used for a long time. To find this product:

  1. Click on the image below to sign up to Discount Supplements and obtain free P&P on all orders and access their special offers:

  2. Select “Health Supplements” in the toolbar:Price of Protein 3
  3. Select “protein” in the browse by section on the left hand side:
    Price of Protein 4
  4. Sort by price per service – low to high
    Price of Protein 5
  5. Find the Ultimate Whey Protein product. This is offered in many sizes and the cost per gram of protein may change depending on the size of product you buy. I would personally recommend the “Choc La Mint” flavour – its the best tasting protein shake I’ve ever had.
    Price of Protein 6



Cheap Supplements UK

If good value, good quality protein is what you are looking for, you should eat healthy high-protein foods like eggs, poultry and fish.

To help increase your protein intake further (and for ease of consumption), cheap protein supplements are now considered a healthy way to introduce protein easily into your diet, and can be even more cost effective than regular sources of protein.

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  1. I eat a good amount of eggs and chicken, but still need more protein to help me meet my daily goal. For this, I too turn to protein powder. I mix it with milk (though water is good too) and usually have a small scoop of peanut butter with it as a snack. The key is all about finding the right powder that tastes good to you.
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  2. Hi there, I have a protein powder question. Is the optimum protein brand gluten free? I’m using icon nutrition’s protein and they don’t add any gluten to their products. Wondered if yours are the same. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Kevin.

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