Find cheaper car hire by comparing sites

How to find cheaper car hire? Moneystepper often highlights the benefits of ditching your car and using public transport. It can save you hundreds of pounds every month.

We personally use the metro/bus system, which costs around £35 per month instead of an estimated £200 per month for us to run a car.

However, there are certain times where a car is necessary. And when it is, finding the cheapest car hire is absolutely essential. But, how can I find cheaper car hire? Compare!


Compare all providers to find cheaper car hire

Depending on your rental provider, the price of car hire can vary WILDLY for the same product. Let’s imagine I’m flying into the London Gatwick and I need to hire a car for a wedding in the countryside.

I will be hiring a car from Saturday morning under Sunday afternoon.

I want to hire hire a Ford Focus from one of the most famous and popular car hire options,

find cheaper car hire 1

This doesn’t seem too expensive…

But, what happens if we use a comparison site,, to compare prices:

find cheaper car hire 2

find cheaper car hire 3

Same car, same location, same dates, same time, but 58% cheaper!!

Other tips to find cheaper car hire

When booking your hire, think about the following:

What car do you really need: Do you really need a 2.0l engine to get you 50 miles down the road? A more powerful Ford Mondeo in the above example would cost £134.89. Do you really need to pay almost £100 more for a car with a slightly higher spec?

Compare similar cars: In the example above, a Citroën C1 would cost £26.60, whereas a Ford Ka would cost £45.52. There really isn’t much difference between the two, but the Ford Ka would cost significantly more.

Think about timing: Car hire is usually charged on a daily rate, with discounts applied when you book for several days. Therefore, think about the time you are hiring and the effect on the number of “days”. Again, in our example, if we could delay pick up until 11am and return at 10.30am the next day, the hire duration becomes “1 day”. The same car is now only £18.96 to hire!

“Return to sender”: Wherever possible, avoid picking up and dropping off in different locations. To pick the Ford Focus up from Gatwick, but return to Heathrow, would cost £73.93 (over double the price to return to Gatwick).
Social hire: Another option to save money (and earn money if you do have a car) is to rent through easy car club. This is the equivalent of peer-to-peer lending for car-hire.

So, check out Easycar today to find the cheapest car hire on the market.

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