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Why am I writing a review – well, quite simply because I use them personally. I find that they offer the lowest prices, often with savings of up to 40%. However, beyond that, you also get to benefit from the rewards program, where you effectively get another 10% off all bookings.


Why did I choose as my example?

Simple. As is the case with quidco, it’s because I personally use and LOVE!! – wake up happy!

I have been a loyal customer of now for several years and it has helped me saved so much money in this time. It helps in two main ways:

1)      The rates are always the lowest rates around (see the examples below)

2)      For every 10 nights you stay, you get one night stay free

Let’s have a look at these benefits in detail. offers the best rates on hotels

The price offered is almost always the cheapest you will find online and always equals the cheapest offer to be found on the hotels own website (often companies selling cheap deals are often more expensive than the hotel website itself). Let’s look at one quick random example as proof. I’ll search for a hotel for next weekend in Paris, France – one room, two people. Lovely little romantic weekend away!! price (£110 per night): 1


Comparison sites (£110 per night): 4


Own website price (£131 per night): 5 6

I could give you another 100 examples, but I have checked many hotels over the past few years and you can pretty much guarantee that provide the lowest prices! rewards

The cheapest rates available not enough to convince you? No worries, this is where it really gets interesting. If you sign up to…for free…you can enroll in the rewards program…for free. This means that every time you book a hotel with the “Welcome Rewards” symbol (I would estimate that 95% of hotels are included in the program), you earn a star. Well, in fact, a moon. Then, once you have earned 10 moons (10 nights), you get one night equal to the average price of all your stays, for free. 7


You can see that I currently have 3 free nights to redeem and have 4/10 on my way to another free night!   So, say I stay in a hotel for work over 5 days for £100 per night. I then stay in a different hotel for a long weekend for £80 per night. Finally, I stay a normal weekend away at £60 per night. Then, I would get a free night valued at £86. I would then book the hotel in Paris above for £221 for the weekend, and £86 would get knocked off my bill when I pay. This actually equates to another 10% off your hotel room cost. Therefore, by following this program with, you not only get the cheapest hotel room, but you then get another 10% discount on top! It certainly makes the romantic weekends away a lot more affordable!


What are you waiting for?

Well, go on, head over to and start saving some serious cash on your hotels!

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