How good is Zeek? Promo Code To Buy And Sell Discount Vouchers

How good is Zeek - Buy And Sell Discount Vouchers


price autodesk entertainment 2016 ultimate We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s Christmas or your birthday and your Aunty has kindly bought you a gift card. However, a few months pass and you still haven’t used it. Well, there’s now a very simple solution to this and you can benefit whichever side of the deal you are on.

Zeek, a new mobile app, has created an online marketplace which matches people looking to sell their unwanted gift cards with others who are planning to do some shopping at that store.

Today, we review Zeek, both from a buyer and sellers perspective and answer how good is Zeek. As an added bonus, if you sign up to Zeek via the link below (using the update cost archicad 14 Zeek promo code 2tb71f), then you will get £5 credited to your account. The Zeek promo code turns a win-win into a win-win-win!!

Get £5 free credit with Zeek Promo Code: 2tb71f



Sell Unwanted Gift Cards With Zeek

So, you find yourself in the situation above. What to do? Well, rather than simply letting the card go to waste, you can sell your unwanted gift card for cash on Zeek:

Zeek Promo Code - Sell

The process is remarkably easy. Simply add the brand, the face value of the voucher, its expiration date and serial number. After Zeek verify the information, you can decide what price you want to sell your card at.

Now, you will inevitably be selling your gift card or voucher at less than the face value (usually between 3% and 15% depending on the store). The seller is also charged £3 on each transaction.

However, if your alternative is to simply let it expire as you have no need for the voucher, then this may well be a price worth paying.



Buy Unwanted Gift Cards With Zeek

Whilst the selling part of the marketplace is a useful service, it’s actually the purchasing side which interests us at Moneystepper. So, we tried it out for ourselves.

The idea is that if you know you’ll be spending in a specific store in the coming weeks or months, then you can buy a voucher for below face value and effectively get a discount on your purchase.

I went to the marketplace and, after linking my Paypal account, I bought an Asda voucher with a face value of £40 for £36 (a nice 10%) discount. The whole ordering process probably took around 30 seconds!

Just as quick was the delivery of the voucher! I knew I was going to do some shopping at the weekend and so I ordered this on Monday. By Wednesday, the voucher had arrived via recorded delivery and I used it without any issues on Saturday morning. Easy as that! As well as getting a load of “yellow sticker” items in Asda and my usual savings, and my points by paying on a rewards credit card, I was able to save an extra 10% by using this voucher.


How Much Can You Save With Zeek?

Well, a quick look right now and a sort by largest discount shows me the following big discounts:

  • Explore! – Face Value £250; Price £170; Discount 32%; Expiry Oct 2016
  • Red Letter Days – Face Value £75; Price £58; Discount 27%; Expiry Jan 2017
  • Gamt – Face Value £35; Price £27; Discount 23%; Expiry May 2016
  • New Look – Face Value £79; Price £63; Discount 20%; Expiry June 2016
  • Kwik Fit – Face Value £25; Price £20; Discount 20%; Expiry May 2017

Zeek Promo Code - Largest Discounts

Generally, the more popular the store, the smaller the percentage discount as there is more demand for the supply. For instance, the following vouchers are currently available for the UK supermarkets:

  • Tesco – 7 vouchers between 3% and 6% discount (face values ranging from £45 to £80)
  • Asda – 8 vouchers between 3% and 6% discount (face values ranging from £32 to £44)

Zeek Promo Code - Hot Vouchers

You may think it’s only 6%, but if you are going to be spending there anyway, 6% on all your groceries over the course of a year will really add up! Think of what you’d give to get a 6% interest rate on your bank savings? This is effectively the same thing!

To find the store you want, simply use the search function – easy:

Zeek Promo Code - Search

…and all the available vouchers from that retailer will pop right up:

Zeek Promo Code - Asda

But, don’t forget that Zeek promo code where you can save another £5 on top of all the usual discounts!


How Safe Is Zeek?

My main concern when buying an unwanted gift card was that the face value wasn’t really what was on the card, or that it expired sooner than advertised.

However, Zeek guarantees that the item purchased is valid and has the value shown at the point of sale. All gift card transactions are covered by their 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days from the date of purchase.

So, after your gift card comes in the post, just pop into the relevant store or restaurant and just check that the voucher is as you think it should be.


Will I Use Zeek Again?

I already have. I’ve bought another Asda voucher today which I’ll use for my shopping next week and I’ve even bought a Costa Coffee voucher for £12 with a face value of £14 (therefore a discount of 14%). That coffee treat in the next few months just got that little sweeter!

I’ve since bought vouchers for Tesco, Amazon, Evans Cycles and Sports Direct – all my shopping bills just got that little bit cheaper.

It’s great for gifts as well – I bought my wife a meal for her birthday through the site and got an extra 15% off the bill by doing so!

I personally think that it’s better for the buyer than the seller as you can specifically choose your brand and only buy gift cards for stores that you want. However, if you are a seller and you are not going to use your gift card, for £3 selling fees, Zeek do offer a great way to liquidate that card into cash.

From my own personal experience, I cannot rate Zeek highly enough. If you like the idea, it gets even better. If you use the link below, you can download the app for free and, if you enter the Zeek promo code 2tb71f, your account will be credited with £5 which you can use straight away. Using the Zeek promo code basically gets you £5 for free.

Get £5 free credit with Zeek Promo Code: 2tb71f

If you have any questions or comments about Zeek or the Zeek promo code, let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to you straight away.

So, to answer the original question, how good is Zeek? In my experience, extremely ruddy good!! 🙂

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