How To Get The Best Deals On Used Cars – Every Time!

How to get the best deals on used cars

adobe flash Buying a used car can be a minefield. Your choice of a new vehicle will largely depend on several factors including speed economy, safety and size, but the main one is usually cost.

So your first step is to consider the ups and downs of offers like these used Ford deals, and weigh up the pros and cons. Take a look at the age of the vehicle, because newer models are far less likely to develop any performance issues and might be more environmentally friendly, therefore saving its owner money in fuel and road tax.

Even a car that is only a few months old should cost substantially less than a new model, and its always worth shopping around to see you could get elsewhere (both privately and from a dealership).

Beyond that, here are five further tips to ensure that you get the best deals on used cars.



How To Get The Best Deals On Used Cars – Tip 1: Buy At Strategic Times Of The Year

Let’s say you stick with the used option. Ask yourself if you need to buy the car now, as certain times of the year can reap dividends. In February and August dealers want to clear models from the forecourt in time for the new registration plates a month later. Sales are historically down in the New Year as buyers have less money following their Christmas excesses.

At any time of the year the forthcoming arrival of a new model could herald the slashing in price of the older stock. Do your research to discover what’s coming out and when – start on the dealer’s own website – and use this to your advantage when bargaining.


How To Get The Best Deals On Used Cars – Tip 2: Buy Practical, Not Trendy

One other thing to consider is the possibility of purchasing a car that might not be the trendiest or sharpest of vehicles, but does serve a purpose. For whatever reasons some vehicles just don’t shift from the forecourt, but rides such as these eBay suggestions might be ones that serve your purpose perfectly. You may find a hidden gem of a car that has depreciated in value for no discernible reason apart from being unloved by the market.



How To Get The Best Deals On Used Cars – Tip 3: Never Buy On First Viewing

Don’t buy any car on the first viewing, no matter the views of the eager-to-please dealer. He will try everything to convince you to make an on-the-spot choice by telling you that other potential buyers have been sniffing around, and that it’s a ‘today only’ deal. Even if it’s true, don’t be coerced into going above your budget.


How To Get The Best Deals On Used Cars – Tip 4: Take An Expert Along

Take an expert with you to examine the car thoroughly. They will know where to look for rust and signs of wear, and how to ascertain any possible mechanical issues, while you can examine the paintwork. It’s another reason to visit the car on more than one occasion, as you may miss blemishes on the first visit,



How To Get The Best Deals On Used Cars – Tip 5: Check Online Comparisons

If you do intend to buy the vehicle there and then, check the value of what the car should be on the internet from your mobile phone. Also, take time away from the gaze of the trader to discuss options with your  expert assistant and/or other half. According to the Office of Fair Trading the used car market costs buyers £85m a year in over-payments as a result of illegal clocking and even dealers pretending to be private sellers to evade legal obligations – so be vigilant.

21 thoughts on “How To Get The Best Deals On Used Cars – Every Time!

  1. I really liked your 4th tip to take an expert along. I personally know very little about cars, so being able to make an educated judgment call on whether or not the car I’m looking at is a good one, isn’t very realistic. Taking someone with me, however, who would be able to look in the right places and ask the right questions to help me make the most educated decision in my car search, would be very beneficial!

  2. My dad is the king of buying used cars. He seems to find cars that are supremely used, yet last a long time for us. He usually says what you mention in your second tip, don’t buy trendy, buy practical. We can’t afford brand new, so we wouldn’t consider it. We buy used cars, we average in costs for repairs and upkeep. That mindset will save you down the road with a used car.

  3. So February is a good time to go shopping! Thanks so much for telling me this info I seriously had no idea about. I will for sure do this for next year. I am going to be saving up until then.

  4. I like your tip about buying a practical car, and not a trendy one. I recently bought a used car from a used car dealership, and I love it. It isn’t the prettiest car in the world, but it serves its purpose. It gets great gas mileage as well.

  5. Good advice to use your phone to research at the dealership but you should never buy a car on your first trip unless you are made of money. You will always get a better deal down the road. Thanks for the tips.

  6. The advice you give to buy a practical car rather than a trendy car was really specific to me. You talk about how when you buy a car that is serving a purpose will help you to cheaper cars and better deals. Although I can fully admit that I like the trendiest cars, and I lean more towards the aesthetically pleasing cars, only looking at cars that are practical and cheaper will help me to stay within my budget and ensure that I end up buying a car that will be reliable and will last me a long time. Thank you for sharing!

  7. The first tip sounds like a smart thing for me to maybe do when buying a used car. It seems like like car sales events advertise different prices during each season of the year. Especially during the months of January and February the prices sure are a lot more different than any other months. I say that because of the sale events that the local dealership in my town advertises throughout the year.

  8. I love that you included the tip to never buy on the first viewing. I made that mistake with my first used car purchase years ago. Looking back, I could have gotten a much better deal had I waited and come back a few days later because the salesman definitely gave me all the lines you mentioned in this article. Thanks for a great read!

  9. I like the suggestion to buy practical, not trendy! I’m looking for a mid-size SUV. There are two I really want, and they both have excellent ratings and reviews from car review magazines that do very in-depth break downs about cost, maintenance, resale value, reliability, crash tests, etc. One of them, in my opinion, is more on the “trendy” side than the other. And it also costs a few thousand dollars more than the other. So, definitely ask yourself if the extra money on your loan is worth having a more trendy car!

  10. I agree that used cars cost a lot less than new cars. I don’t know if this is true but I even heard that a new car loses four thousand dollars of it’s value as soon as it is driven off the lot. This would explain why cars with very low gas milage are still sold for a lot less than their original asking price, even if the car is less than a year old.

  11. Great advice for finding the best deal on a used car. Bringing an expert with you is definitely a good idea so that they can tell you if you are making a good choice or not. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. I’m about to buy my first car and I couldn’t be more excited. With it being my first time though, I have no idea what to expect or how to handle myself in a situation like this. This article helped me a ton though and I hope that I can find a good deal within my budget.

  13. I like your tip to be strategic about the time you buy a car. Like you said, there are certain times when companies are trying to get rid of the old stock to replace it with the new. Since they’re desperate to sell, you can probably get a better price on a car during those times than you would otherwise. thanks for the tips.

  14. Thanks for the great tips. I like to buy a new car and take care of it and drive the wheels off of it. Usually the interest rate is cheaper on a new car and you also know whether the maintenance has been performed and whether it has been in an accident.

  15. With my limited economic condition, I am intending to purchase an used car so your post – how to get the best deals on used cars – every time! is what I am needing!

  16. Very important tips you have put down here and its certainly going to help a great deal. I have actually concluded on going for a used car, but have been nursing some fears, but this articles has opened my eyes on how to go about it. Thank you so much

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