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Do you want to earn cashback on everything that you buy onine? Of course you do! Quidco is an online cashback website that does exactly that; in fact it is the UK’s number one cash-back and voucher site. Using Quidco, I’ve received around £1200 in just a couple of years. Check out our Quidco review to see how you could save £100s every year on your normal shopping.


Quidco Review – How do I sign up to Quidco?

Its easy. I mean, its really easy. You just sign up as you would with any website. Then, when you make a purchase, instead of going directly to the website you are buying from, go to Quidco and follow their link. Then, after you have made your purchase, your cashback magically appears in your Quidco account and is transferred to your bank account soon after.

Still worried about signing up? Why not watch my walkthrough guide video showing how to sign up to Quidco, how you can register for automatic bank payments and how to start earning cashback straight away:


Quidco Review – Why I love Quidco so much?

Because it pays me loads of money:

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I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t start using Quidco until June 2012. I was a fool before. However, since then, I have made up for it and amassed over £850 cash back on spending that I would have made anyway. I’ve never spent on something just because its on Quidco. This is only my normal purchases in the year!

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Quidco Review – How does Quidco work?

Well, Quidco themselves explain it much more succinctly that I ever could…

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And it really is that simple. I will show you how through an example.


Quidco Review – A Quidco example

I need to book a hotel for an upcoming trip to London and I’ve previously located the hotel I want to stay in on another popular website, hotels.com. So, how do I book this hotel using quidco?


Step 1: Go to www.quidco.co.uk and sign in

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Step 2: Search for the retailer, in this case “hotels.com”.

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Step 3: Determine the cash back rate for the retailer and follow the link

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Step 4: Follow the link and click through to the other website

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Step 5: This will open the website in a new tab. Then just complete your purchase as normal.

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So, let’s imagine that I booked the London Marriott 5-star Hotel (as I was feeling a bit flash):

Firstly, using hotels.com gives me a £1,241 stay for £390. Additionally, I get 2/10 of a night’s stay free through this booking with hotels.com (I will write another review on this in the future, but essentially equates to another 10% off).

Also, I book the hotel using my rewards credit card and make some more reward points (again, another post on this coming up).

Because I booked through quidco.co.uk, I will also then receive £39 cash-back in my quidco account which will hit my bank account a short time after.


Quidco Review – What companies are on Quidco?

Well, what isn’t? Most medium and large companies who have an online presence are listed on Quidco and you can earn cashback on almost anything.

For instance, the top deals this week on Quidco has offers from BT, Sky, Laterooms, Clarks, Hotels.com, Boots, Vodafone, Tesco, T Mobile, esure, GAP, Aviva, Laura Ashley, Holiday Autos, Debenhams, Everything Everywhere, Direct Line, Moss Bros, Sheila’s Wheels, Talk Talk, Thomas Cook, LoveFlim, MoonPig, Phones4u, PCWorld, Expedia, ebookers.com, Dorothy Perkins, TM Lewin, npower, Amazon, Green Flag, H Samuel, Evans Cycles, Halfords, Asda. A who’s who of UK retailers.


Quidco Review – What are the best deals?

There are new cash-back deals daily on Quidco. The best deals (and the only deals that you should ever use) are cash-back on products that you would be buying anyway.

Looking at the “top cash-back” category, here are a pick of some of the highest cash-back offers:


Vodafone: £100 cash-back for a £16 per month SIM only contract.

Quidco review 10jpg


Sky: £258 cash-back + six months half price + £25 M&S voucher for the “complete bundle”

Quidco review 11jpg


Confused.com life insurance: £120 cash-back for specific insurance policies

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Npower: £100 cash-back to switch to npower standard tariff

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Quidco Review – Paid vs free

You may have noticed in my account that I have a “premium” membership.

This is a new feature to Quidco. The premium membership costs only £5 annually and ensures that cashback is tracked very quickly and payments are made within a specified time frame. The benefits are as follows:

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I enjoy getting my payments quickly and so sign up to the membership. However, you should note that if you are willing to wait for your payments (usually a few months), this membership is not required and you can actually use Quidco completely for free.



I hope our Quidco Review has helped you understand the benefits of Quidco to the online consumer.

So, what are you waiting for? SIGN UP TODAY and start earning some serious cash-back.

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    • I think they should – it would be hugely popular. It doesn’t exist in France either, and when I tell my friends about it here, they would love to see the same thing in France. It saves any searching around for discount codes etc etc.

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  2. Yes i would say its worth it. I do a lot of shopping online and always use quidco to get cashback from the shopping i would do anyways! its like free money i love it!

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