3 Tips to Reduce the Cost of Running a Car

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3 Tips to Reduce the Cost of Running a Car

3 Tips to Reduce the Costs of Running a Car

You can’t imagine living without your vehicle, but there are plenty of costs that come along with being an automobile owner. In addition to purchasing a vehicle, you also have to pay for gas, maintenance, repairs, vehicle registration, licenses and other necessities. Even though these expenses are there, you certainly don’t have to get rid of your vehicle to save money. These tips will help you keep your ownership costs as low as possible.



1. Don’t Neglect Regular Maintenance

Stretching the time between oil changes or ignoring your manufacturer’s recommendations might seem like an easy way to save money, but neglecting maintenance can actually cost you more in the long run.

If you find it difficult to remember when your next service is due, program the date into your online calendar and request a reminder. Once you find a service center you trust, you can save time and money by having several recommended maintenance tasks performed during one visit.

Some customers neglect regular maintenance to try to save money. If car maintenance costs always seem to sneak up on you, write these costs into your family budget so the funds will be there when you need them.


2. Be careful

This might sound like very basic advice, but many common automobile problems can be avoided simply by safe, defensive driving. When you drive above the speed limit and slam on your breaks constantly, you’re not using fuel efficiently, and you’re also causing further wear and tear on your car. In addition, you increase your chances of getting into an accident.

The next time you get behind the wheel, make a conscious effort to follow all the rules of the road. You’ll probably get to your destination in the same amount of time, you’ll be safer and your wallet will thank you.



3. Shop Smart

Whether you’re purchasing new floor mats for your car or researching different insurances, it pays to comparison shop and take the time to find a great deal. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to check prices among different retailers and service providers.

Carefully read your current auto insurance policy to make sure you actually need the coverage that you are paying for. If you’re considering making adjustments, ask your agent to calculate a new quote for you.

If you see a great deal on something you buy for your car on a regular basis, such as tire cleaner or windshield wiper fluid, stock up on enough to last for several months. You’ll save money and extra trips to the store.

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21 thoughts on “3 Tips to Reduce the Cost of Running a Car

  1. Great tips! We have mastered the art of getting cheap car insurance haha. I don’t really understand how but our car insurance is insanely cheap for the kind of cars we have and have had.

  2. Our cars are 7-8 years old respectively. We don’t have many miles (around 70k each give or take), and while stuff is starting to wear out, they still have great engines, transmissions, and the overall cost of repairs is still much lower than car payments.

  3. I can say, based on my experience, that your #1 tip in making sure to never neglect regular maintenance is probably the most important to take note of.

  4. I started working on cars after my brother (a mechanic) taught me some things. Now I have a project vehicle that I have brought back to life from nothing. I learned by doing, searching forums for answers, and youtube. You can only learn by doing and most of the work is super easy.

  5. The second tip above is incredibly simple, but it is often overlooked. Accidents, even if they are not your fault, cost your insurance provider money, which makes you more of a risk. Speeding tickets, auto accidents, and car repairs are all things that could increase the cost or your plan. By driving safely and avoiding any situations where you may need to receive an insurance payout, your deductible can decrease drastically.

    • Audrey, it sounds like you’re about right when you said that accidents, speeding tickets, and car repairs are what increases the cost of the insurance plan. For me, it sure has raised my insurance and all thanks to my son. Right now, I’m in a situation where he’s asked me to find him a speeding offences lawyer because of a traffic ticket that was issued to his friend while that friend was driving his vehicle.

  6. Some might laugh at your advice about being careful. It is great advice though. How often do we get in our car and get mentally comfortable like we are driving our living room sofa? When driving, you always have to be attentive and very self away.

  7. I like how you said, “automobile problems can be avoided by safe, defensive driving”. Being careful on the road and conserving gas help avoid problems. I always accelerate slowly, and come to a gradual stop. This ensures that I am not wasting fuel at any time. What do you think about refueling when you reach half of a tank?

  8. Some may chuckle at your recommendation about being cautious. It is incredible guidance however. How frequently do we get in our auto and get rationally agreeable like we are driving our lounge room couch? At the point when driving, you generally must be mindful and exceptionally self away

  9. The second tip that you give, as simple as you think it is, really is very important. As you suggest, avoiding accidents and car issues is as easy as driving carefully and safely. Driving the speed limit, being aware of your surroundings, and staying focused on the road will help you to decrease chances of getting a car accident and keep your car in great condition. Thank you for sharing!

    • Having scheduled maintenance done will only help keep the value of your car high. Letting problems slide or get worse will only cost you more money in the future. If you are looking to resell your car some time down the road, you will want to make sure it has no problems or minimal problems.

  10. Will a transmission repair and maintenance be a good way to reduce the cost of running a car? The question came to my mind after seeing how the transmission of my van needs special care. Well, since it is somewhat old and also I’m somewhat afraid that anytime soon the transmission will die out.

  11. This is some really great advice for anyone on a budget. In these times, it’s almost mandatory to have a car, but it can be a really big expense. Making sure your car is well taken care of and avoiding huge repairs if possible is a great way to save a lot every year. And that third point is so big; people don’t realize how much extra they spend because they don’t take the time to compare prices from different sellers. Thanks so much for writing!

  12. It is so obvious that regular maintenance can help save money in the long run, but I still find myself forgetting about it. I think what I need to do is schedule in on my calendar. That way, I will remember to get into the automotive shop every once in a while to give my car a little tender love and care!

  13. I love how you mention to be careful with your car. Even though it’s common sense, I feel like a lot of people don’t understand it. They take their car way too lightly. It’s true that car problems can be avoided by simply driving safe and defensively.

  14. I like how you mention to not neglect regular maintenance. I have a lot of friends who hardly take their cars to the repair shop. They think that they’re saving money. In reality, they’re going to lose a lot of money when their car needs to have a major repair.

    • A properly maintained car will run better and thus be more fuel-efficient. With today’s fluctuating gas prices, regular car inspections will save you money spent on fuel.

  15. I’m glad that you talked about how important driving safely is to keeping your car running smoothly. Like you said, being a safe driver not only prevents accidents, but it also causes less wear and tear to your car’s system. Driving smoothly is much better than speeding up and hitting the brakes for both your safety and your car’s servicing costs. Thanks for the article.

  16. When it comes to car services that is always a good idea to shop smart as you mentioned. I like your tip about reading over your insurance policy to see what it cover in case of repair deductions. I would agree that regular maintenance would be one of the best options to reduce the cost of running your car.

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