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cost of cinema 4d studio license By going “SIM only”, you could save up to 20% compared to the best contract deals around. Even better, you don’t have to lock yourself into stupidly long contracts! Sign up to any giffgaff’s SIM only tariff today and receive £5 free credit:

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How I discovered giffgaff?

Having recently returned to the UK, I was in need of a new mobile phone contract. Whilst I was away, I used an iPhone for the first time in my life, and I decided that between my personal life and business use, I needed a smartphone in my life!

However, due to my thrifty nature, I didn’t want an iPhone 6, so instead started looking around for a contract for an iPhone 4s. I found the following contracts with the mainstream providers:

Provider Middle Man Contract Minutes Texts MB Data Handset Price (£) Monthly Price (£) Total Cost (£)
Vodafone 24 m 100 Unlimited 100 Free 14.50 348.00
O2 24 m 500 Unlimited 500 Free 18.00 432.00
O2 24 m 100 Unlimited 100 49.00 13.00 361.00
Orange Carphone Warehouse 24 m 500 Unlimited 250 59.99 13.99 395.75
Talk Talk Talk Mobile 24 m 500 5000 500 Free 15 360.00


Based on my proposed usage, I am expecting to use between 100 and 200 minutes, under 250MB of data and a few hundred text messages.

Therefore, the most appropriate of the choices seems to be the Talk Talk option at £15.00 per month, totalling £360 over a 24 month period.


It’s all about the “goodybags”

Just before jumping into this deal, I (fortunately) stumbled upon the SIM only deal with Giffgaff. The SIM only deal is designed so that you can choose (with no contract or fixed terms) a package each month, known as a “goodybag”.

For my requirements, for instance, there is a giffgaff goodybag which provides 200 UK minutes (and unlimited calls to other giffgaff numbers), unlimited text messages and 250MB internet in a month.

Whilst this provides less free minutes and internet than the Talk Talk equivalent in the table above, it meets my requirements.

And, its half the price! It only costs £7.50 per month!

That means that I’m left to find an iPhone. Luckily, because I have awesome friends, I was actually able to find one for free on the basis that I would give it back to my friend if they needed it when their iPhone broke.

If you don’t have such awesome and generous friends, I would suggest looking to eBay, gumtree or amazon. You can find a refurbished iPhone 4s from amazon for under £100, or even less on ebay or gumtree (although this comes with a higher risk that something may be faulty).

Therefore, say we take the £7.50 per month contract and buy an iPhone for £100, we are still looking at £280 for the 24 months.

That is a saving of £80, when compared to the cheapest standard contract alternative.


3G goodybags

And there are plenty of goodybags available to match your exact usage. The current range of 3G goodybags are as follows:

3G goodybags 1 3G goodybags 2



4G goodybags

You can also get 4G goodybags for people with smartphones that support this service. Whilst a little more expensive than the 3G packages, they are once again much cheaper than other services.

4G goodybags


£5 Free Credit For Moneystepper Readers

If you sign-up using the following link, or via the banner below, you can take your pick of goodybags and earn £5 free credit when you sign up:

Get a free giffgaff Sim


Is TalkTalk even better?

At the moment, there is a big sale on at TalkTalk which could make your SIM only plan EVEN cheaper. The following tariffs are currently available. The only thing to consider is that the “sale prices” are for 12 month contracts, so make sure you think about any changes you may have coming in the next 12 months and whether you are happy to commit to that length of time in a contract. If you wish to look further at any of these plans, just click on the image below:

TalkTalk Mobile Plans



Essentially, if you are happy to lock yourself in for a year, you could get most of the Giffgaff contracts for half price!!


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6 thoughts on “Save Money On Your Mobile Phone Bill With GiffGaff

    • I’m a big fan of the no-contract options as a lot can change in 24 months. I’ve found myself many times in the past wasting money on contracts (compared to alternatives) because I locked into a long-term contract.

  1. Yes I agree this is a great offer for the UK consumers. The best thing is that the signal is the same as O2 which has the best UK coverage by far.

    Beee with the network over 2 years now and I have never looked back!

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