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Can I have a cuppa?

As we all know, food & drink whilst on a plane can be more expensive than in every day life. But exactly how bad are they? And, are there ways we can save money on a plane?

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Can I have a cup of tea during this flight please, my angel?



A very short question submitted by my fiancé whilst on a flight to a friend’s wedding.

Short anwser, no.

Long answer, nooooooooooooooooo. Classic!

I suppose I should provide my reasoning as to why I’m being so mean. I guess we all know that prices of food & drink on board are very expensive. However, it never really struck me quite how much. Here is a comparison of airplane prices for food and drink on an EasyJet flight as at 08 August 2013, compared to the possible comparative options elsewhere. Note, I have only listed comparative items which you would be able to bring onto an airplane in the UK (due to regulations over liquid volumes, etc):

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A typical meal on-board (salad, crisps, tea) would cost £9.80. If you bought these items on to the plane yourself, it would have cost £2.07.

So, with a mark-up of anywhere up to 1,150% (and an average mark-up of 423%), you really should not be buying anything on an airplane, ever! It is the polar opposite of frugality as an art form!



So, I hope that answers your question honey. And, sorry you weren’t allowed your tea. I’ll make you a cuppa in the hotel.

Prepare in advance and bring your own supplies on board. It will be cheaper, probably better quality and better for you.

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Remember, this website discusses the very small steps which we can make with very little impact on our lives in the short term, but which have huge financial benefits over time.

For the bigger steps to a wealthier future, I would recommend that you read my book: “Becoming rich: one step at a time” available now.

Happy climbing one and all!

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