Secret Living Expenses in your Area

Without realising it, living expenses can add up to much more than your rent and bills alone.

Often, secret expenses, like overpriced supermarket goods or hefty car insurance bills can up the price of living in an area.

For example living in a suburb to avoid the high rent costs that are in our cities might seem like a good idea, however the high cost of commuting can have the potential to outweigh the benefits.

We’ve been speaking to the budgeting experts over at, and they have put together some tips to help you avoid these wallet denting mistakes!



1. Check the costs

When you’re looking to make a move, it’s worth getting online to check some of the unexpected costs. In areas with higher crime rates, insurance companies can often up the price to accomodate for the risk. Go a step further and check out your regular commuting costs and incorporate this into your budget.


2. Don’t forget the bills

Sometimes the areas secret expens
Your bills can vary hugely depending on what sort of house you live in. More modern constructions will leak less warmth and be cheaper to heat fully. Alongside this, council tax can vary widely from postcode to postcode and it’s worth investigating so you don’t end up struggling!



3. Go for budget

The rising threat to traditional supermarkets are shops like Aldi and Lidl. Every year more and more people cotton on to the fact that they’re full of bargains. The prices are competitive and although you won’t often find name brands there the quality is without question. Many families happily shop at these supermarkets and they’re here to stay, so pop down and see what they’ve got to offer!


4. Cut back where you can

Sometimes the areas secret expenses can build up and you can find yourself a little short. Cutting back on non-essential spending like eating out or a daily meal deal at work will free up some funds to provide a buffer. Things like preparing a week’s meals in advance and freezing them can slash shopping bills. Buying a set of ingredients is cheaper than hit-and-missing with a basket full of veg.



5. Keep an eye on petrol

Petrol is an increasingly volatile market with little hope of calming down. It is an expense that can quickly build up and can be something one just has to buy. Filling a car isn’t cheap and it’s worth having a bike to get around shorter distances, especially in the cities. You can cover a fair amount of distance with a push bike making it useful for those quick trips to the supermarket!


It can seem like there is a never ending stream of things to spend money on and less of it to go round each day. With proper planning and budgeting a lot of this stress becomes incorporated into a routine. Financial understanding goes a long way in remedying money troubles. Keep your eye open for those secrets spends and good luck!

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