Spend Half An Hour Each Day To Save Big Money

Spend Half An Hour Each Day To Save Big Money

autodesk autocad architecture 2013 costs Early risers often choose to end their slumber at such an inhumane hour because it gives them a chance to think about the day ahead in peace and quiet. When loved ones and children are still snoozing away it gives a chance to carry out tasks that can’t be done at other times of the day – and one of those should be researching ways to shore up your finances.


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Save Money From The Comfort Of Your Couch!

This list of 101 money saving tips inspired from sources such as The Money Advice Service is a great place to start thinking about where and when you can save cash. Many of these titbits can be carried out from the comfort of your own seat in front of a computer, such as the usage of any price comparison sites. You’ll know some of the big guns, but what about sites such as Vouchedfor, which compares financial services, or Petrolprices.com, that will find you better fuel prices?

Once your details are saved these sites retain the information, so the laborious entry of your car and driver details, for example, need only be carried out once. Consider junking warranties, travel insurance and subscriptions that you don’t use any more – and if you are planning a holiday, get in early at Easyjet or similar discount sites and you may be able to bag a bargain basement offer. A yearly membership to the National Trust, English Heritage, Artfund.org and others will provide opportunity for cheap or free activities throughout the year for the entire family.



Search For Discounts And Vouchers

Your second job is to examine local and national newspapers for vouchers, offers, discounts, sales, and other places to save cash. True pros will go that little bit further and create a calendar to remind you when the offers expire. Combine this diligence with getting rid of your CDs and games at eBay, swapping items at Freecycle, trading your old mobile in at MazumaMobile or Envirofone; you’ll soon be amazed at your bank balance.


Create A Meal Plan

Your third mission, perhaps at the start of the week, should be the job of compiling a list of meals for the remaining days. A structured menu with variation is far less likely to lead to wastage and throwing out unused food – the average Brit throws out about £500 a year. You can even choose when it is delivered, and you’re also less likely to succumb to the BOGOF temptations. Add a curry or stir-fry sauce to mop up anything that hasn’t been used elsewhere on the Friday.



Time For a Clear Out?

Other things to consider; have you cleared out your wardrobe recently? H&M is running a promotion where they trade bags of unwanted clothes for £5 vouchers, while Music Magpie have now added clothing to the list of items for which it will pay cash. That money could be spent on new clothes, or it could be used to hit the sales – which you’ll also research online. Finally, the football you can’t do without costs more than £40 a month – but do you really need to see Stoke v Burnley? Try pay-as-you-go Premier League football online as an alternative plan.

In effect you are planning your week out; how, what and where you eat; what you do for entertainment; and which services will be the cheaper ones for you – if it helps then use an online budget planner. That half an hour studying savings could be worth many hours of spending in months and years to come.


Need some more ideas? No worries. We have an entire section of Moneystepper to help you save money!

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