Save money on electricity – turn off standby mode

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Save money on electricity by not using standby mode

Standby mode save money on electricity
Time to go to bed! Turn off the TV with the remote and head upstairs. However, during the night the TV is eating up the power whilst on standby mode. Do you know its energy consumption whilst on standby mode?

Well, your parents were right! If you’ve ever been told off for leaving the little red light on at night, you are about to understand why.

Let’s look at how we can save money on electricity by never using standby. The following table shows the about of watts of energy our standard appliances in the house use every hour whilst in standby mode.

With the speed of technological development, this list is ever changing. Soon, readers will probably be writing in asking what a “stereo” is!! Well, for the younger readers in the coming years, its kind of like an 8-track tape!! 🙂


105 watts per hour in total. If left on standby mode for 20 hours per day, this would total to around £107 per year to your energy bill. Let’s imagine that we can save this £107 each year. It then earns bank interest over 25 years. This is a total saving of over £6,000.

This is a significant amount of money. And it takes almost no effort. All we need to do is to turn off every appliance after every use.



Money Saving Tips

  • To save money on electricity, turn electronic items off at the wall after every single use. Never use standby mode.
  • Does the manual process take too much time and effort? If so, purchase an energy saving plug to reduce usage whilst on standby. This will help you save money on electricity in the long-term without even thinking about it!
  • Also, make sure you turn off all your lights before you go to bed and before you leave the house! I like these tips so much, that I have added them to the #ThriftyFamily saving tips. Check out the Twitter campaign for more useful money saving tips:


3 thoughts on “Save money on electricity – turn off standby mode

  1. Yes, totally agree! We’ve started unplugging our laptop power cords from the wall when we’re not using them because the power brick draws energy. Another very basic but essential way to save on electricity is to install energy saving light bulbs.

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