August Mini Challenge – The Results

August Challenge Reduce one monthly bill

Following the return of the mini challenge, it’s time to get the results together. As a reminder, the August Challenge was to reduce one (or more) regular bills.

If you want to see the original challenge, please refer to the following post:

Original Article: August Mini Challenge – Reduce One Monthly Bill (Moneystepper)

So, how did you get on? We’ve had mixed responses with the mini challenges to date, but everyone who has completed one have found benefit from it. Therefore, I’m now going to hold you all accountable in the Moneystepper Mini Challenge as well as the overall Savings Challenge!!

Let me know in the comments how you did and I’ll add it to the matrix below:

 Mini Challenge Results


How Do The Mini Challenges Work?

Just as a reminder, the Moneystepper Mini Challenges will be set on the first Sunday of each month, and results will be shown on the first Saturday of the following month.

Just let me know in the comments how you intend to achieve the mini monthly challenge, and indeed whether (and how) that you’ve been successful in doing so and I’ll add it to the table in the monthly challenge articles. As you can see, you don’t have to be a participant in the overall Savings Challenge to get involved in the mini challenges if you want to!

3 thoughts on “August Mini Challenge – The Results

  1. My gym membership is now expired and I didn’t renew it as part of the challenge. I would just do some home exercise. I am looking for more mini challenges I can do this September. Probably, something that ca reduce my electricity and water bills.

  2. Does me paying off a loan so I don’t have that monthly payment any more works. If not I failed miserably as I did not even try lowering a bill. I have been getting discounts from my utility provider by paying before the due date for months so that is not current and I don’t have that much more fixed bills to reduce.

    • Yeah, if your loan was at a higher interest rate than you were earning on the cash, that is a specific action you’ve taken to reduce a regular monthly expense! Well done Lynx – I’ll update the spreadsheet!

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