November Mini Challenge Results

November Mini Challenge Getting Ready For Christmas

In November, we challenged you to get all your Christmas presents and gifts bought or made and wrapped before the end of November. Let’s see how we got on.



How I Got On…

Well, I succeeded, but only just. We’ve just got back today from finishing our Christmas shopping. So, whilst it wasn’t done by the end of the November calendar month, I’d still say it was done by the first Saturday of the following month, which is the official deadline of the challenge! It’s okay to bend those rules a little, right?!


How You Got On…

There wasn’t much love for the November challenge. Whether this is because people thought November was too soon to buying their Christmas gifts, or that people did this anyway without it being a “challenge” I’m not sure. It would be good to know.

Either way, we’ll be back with a new challenge tomorrow morning for December. This one is more general and hopefully something that everyone will find beneficial. See you tomorrow!


Oh, and here’s an update of the challenges so far:

Mini Challenge Results



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