2014 Goals – November Update

2014 Goals November Update

At the start of the year, I set myself 11 goals (mainly financial) and I record my progress against them on a monthly basis. Below is my 2014 Financial Goals update for November. With only one month to go, I’ve achieved 8/11 goals, another 2/11 are pretty much there and failed on 1/11.

You can check out my original goals which I started in November 2013 here:

2014 New Year Goals & Resolutions

Equally, you can find a 2014 financial goals update for each month within the 2014 goals section of the site.


2014 Financial Goals Update – November

November continued my good run of months – notching up my 7th month of net wealth improvement on the bounce. I also managed to “complete” a couple more of my annual goals:

November Update 2014 Goals

  • YTD vs Total % shows my performance to date as a percentage of my total goal
  • YTD vs Target % shows my performance to date as a percentage of my expected performance upto October (pro-rata)

As you can see from this update, I’ve almost achieved all of my annual goals!! Woo-hoo!!

In November, I “completed” another 3 goals, leaving me with only 2 goals outstanding, Unless something terrible happens in December, I should achieve the other two.

For Goal 1, I would be pretty upset if my net wealth fell by 30% in one month!

For Goal 4, I’ve got a direct debit already set up which would take me past my goal, so that should also be a complete by year end!



2014 Financial Goals Update – Year to Date progress

 Goal 1 – Increase net wealth by over 56% – YTD PASS – 83.9% compared to 52.0% required

 Goal 2 – Positive net wealth growth 12/14 months – COMPLETED – 12/12 months (+4.4% in November)

 Goal 3 – 60% net income saves 12/14 months – COMPLETED – 12/12 months (63% in November)

 Goal 4 – Pay £20,000 off mortgage capital – YTD PASS – £19,754 compared to £18,571 required

 Goal 5 – Make £400 profit from rental property – COMPLETED £400 full year requirement achieved

 Goal 6 – Fill 2014 stocks & shares ISA – COMPLETED – £15,000 full year requirement achieved

 Goal 7 – Earn over £1200 in dividend income – COMPLETED –  £1,200 full year requirement achieved

 Goal 8 – £700 profit from moneystepper – COMPLETED – £700 full year requirement achieved

 Goal 9 – Save £6,000 for wedding – COMPLETED – £6,000 full year requirement achieved

 Goal 10 – Eat under 2,500 calories 365 times – FAILED

 Goal 11 – Visit 5 foreign countries – COMPLETED – 5 full year requirement achieved


2014 Financial Goals Update – Top Successes in November

Three more goals completed this month and some good progress with others:

Goal 2 – Another positive net wealth month (up 4.4%) means that out of the 13 months recorded so far, I’ve had a positive net wealth change in 12 of them, which was my goal. I’m relieved to have achieved this as December tends to be a net spend month for most people and hence its good to have a little leeway going into Christmas.

Goal 3 – The same is true for the savings rate. Another month over 60% means that this is now complete for the year.

Goal 8 – This moves to a complete as Moneystepper expenses means that it is almost impossible that this will now be a fail for the year. Good times.



2014 Financial Goals Update – Top Failures in November


That feels good to say!


Moneystepper’s 2015 Savings Challenge

Its time to start looking to next year. I’m going to only work towards two goals next year:

  1. % Change in Net Wealth
  2. Savings Rate %

The big change for 2015 is that I want you to join me on the way!!

Check out our savings challenge and our new podcast for details of how you can get involved:


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Let me know what you think of my 2014 Financial Goals Update for November in the comments below. Coming into the year end, how are you doing with your financial goals? 


16 thoughts on “2014 Goals – November Update

  1. Impressive! Your 11 goals are one of a kind. I am amazed that you have traveled to five countries and still were able to save 6,000 for the wedding and among others. Your two goals for next year seem achievable, considering what you have accomplished. Congrats!

    • December is often a tough month financially when parties, presents and trips away to see family and friends, but I’ll still be pushing for another positive month (although I doubt the 60% savings rate will be hit in December…)!

  2. That’s some positive reading right there. 🙂

    Goal 10 seems real tough! I’m sure I get through about 5000 calories if I’ve been out for a long one on the bike.

    • Great point Zombie. I’ve actually been a lot healthier and lost a fair bit of weight since I stopped this goal. In hindsight, it was a poorly defined goal as it didn’t really equate to my goal of getting fitter and stronger. Instead, I’ve been a lot more flexible with my eating in the past 2 months, but have been much more dedicated to hitting the gym and performing strict routines of lifting weights and HIIT training.

    • You are absolutely right Tonya and this is not a goal I will be repeating. I think it was much too strict and required a lot of work for little gain. It also doesn’t concentrate on the areas that I want to actually improve in (namely fitness and strength). Lesson learned!

    • Thanks DC. I’m really chuffed to have completed (or nearly completed) all of my financial goals for the year. I’m sure my future self is going to look back on 2014 and thank me for making such an effort!! 🙂

  3. Great job on your goals!!! I achieved a number of my professional goals this year; however, my financial goals are going to fall short because of a few unexpected financial events. It just means that I have to work harder next year and thankfully I am not afraid of hard work. 🙂

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