September Mini Challenge – Read A Self-Improvement Book

September Mini Challenge

The monthly mini challenge is back! Having revived the challenge in August, we’re going to continue focussing on this for the rest of the year. Get involved peeps! September’s challenge…to read a self-improvement book.

I think we all understand the importance of improving and educating ourselves. And, there are a magnitude of ways that we can do this. Formal learning, podcasts, video tutorials, webinars, blog articles…the list is endless. But, I personally find that one of the most effective methods is through reading an actual full book.



Why Reading A Book Is So Powerful

This is only my opinion, but I find that making an investment (not only in purchasing, but more importantly in time) to read a book means that I take it seriously, and that I will act on what I have learned.

Also, having a full book often allows the author to more powerful weave ideas into your conscious and sub-conscious which you often don’t benefit from with shorter forms of learning (for example with podcasts and blog posts).

Therefore, I’m setting you all a challenge for September.



September Mini Challenge – Read & Take Action

So, for the September challenge, firstly, I want you to think about a certain area of your life where you think that you could improve. Secondly, I want you to find a book on that subject, read it before the end of September and then take one real action as a result.

Your “action” won’t be able to be defined until you have read the book, but for now, I’d love for you to add in the comments which book you are going to read, and which subject it is on.

Additionally, if you’ve recently read a powerful self-improvement book of any kind, I would love to know about it. Put you suggestions in the comments and that might just inspire someone else to read that book in September. Sound good?

Excellent – let me know what you are going to read in the comments below and we’ll check back in at the end of September to see what we’ve all learned and what actions we’ve taken.

As with all monthly challenges from this point forward, the challenge will be set on the first Sunday of the month, and the results posted on the first Saturday of the following month. Good luck!! 🙂


Mini Challenge Results




6 thoughts on “September Mini Challenge – Read A Self-Improvement Book

  1. I’m in! For September, I am going to be reading Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert. While it isn’t a self-improvement book per say, I want to gain a greater understanding on how the brain works and how I can better imagine the future.

    I’ve written a post before about how getting to know your future self can help you save more for retirement and accomplish more in the present instead of putting it off to your future self. So I’m looking forward to reading more about it from a psychology stand point.

  2. I already have three reading challenges so it’s fortunate that the book I started last week can be included in this mini challenge – “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

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