September Mini Challenge – The Results

September Mini Challenge

The September mini challenge was to “read a self-improvement book” of some kind. From the challenge article back from the start of September, five people entered in total. They, and the books that the decided to read, were:

  • Graham C – “Property Magic” by Simon Zutshi
  • Weenie R – “Think & Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill
  • Thias – “Stumbling On Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert
  • Nicole S – “Worry No More” by Bruce Van Horn
  • Philippa C – “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey

I also asked people to take one defining action as a result of the book that they read. Below, I detail what the participants thought of their books, and what actions they are going to take as a result:


Property Magic


Graham C read this book and says:

Thoughts on the book: Whilst I found some of the information useful (especially surrounding lease options), it didn’t actually tell me all that much I didn’t already know. However, I would recommend it as a great book for beginners to investment property.

Action taken: I signed up to the local Property Investor Network meeting and attended in late September. I found the session a little “selly”, especially for the big courses that the organisers offered. Also, many of the people there seemed dangerously bought in to the “no-money down” ideas, with attendees sharing “success” stories of how they have been putting down deposits using credit cards, how people have sourced “JV funding” which was taking £100k from their mother’s equity, etc. Not my idea of responsible investing!

What it did show me was the power of networking and meeting other people with similar aspirations. As such, I’ve got in contact with The Property Hub and volunteered to host their free, absolutely no sales pitches allowed local meet-up in Newcastle from November going forward.


Think & Grow Rich


Weenie (from Quietly Saving) read this book and says:

Thoughts on the book: There isn’t any financial advice in the book, it’s a self-help book which you can use to apply to whatever goals you wish, including getting rich/being successful. I found the self-analysis and motivational stuff useful. Despite being written in 1937, there was relevant advice to help anyone become more successful, not just in work but in life too.

Action taken: As I’ve only just recently finished the book I’ve not taken any action but I’m going to be tackling one of the big things listed in the book that can stop people from being successful – procrastination! I will be doing two tasks this weekend which I’ve been putting off for months.


Stumbling On Happiness


Thias (from It Pays Dividends) says:

Unfortunately, I didn’t pull my weight in the mini-challenge in September. I let life get in the way a little too much. I’m looking forward to the upcoming challenges though. I need to redeem myself 🙂


Worry No More


Nicole S read this book, but has yet to get back in touch to let me know what she thought and any actions she’s taken. Looking forward to hearing from you Nicole.


The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People


Philippa C read this book and says:

Thoughts on the book: I was only able to read the first third of this book. Form what I read, I was quite taken aback bu how much this focused on the author’s personal life and I like how he opened up about the difficutlies in his life and how he’s used the tactics in the book to address this.

Action taken: Up to now, I don’t think I’ve learned anything from this book that I can share as “wisdom”, but I’ll report back once I’ve finished reading the book to see if there is anything else I can comment on.



So, that sums up the September challenge. The latest challenge table looks as follows:

Mini Challenge Results
We’ll be back tomorrow with the new mini challenge for October, entitled “sugar & sleep” – it will be great to have you involved. Find out more on Moneystepper tomorrow!




How Do The Mini Challenges Work?

Just as a reminder, the Moneystepper Mini Challenges will be set on the first Sunday of each month, and results will be shown on the first Saturday of the following month.

Just let me know in the comments how you intend to achieve the mini monthly challenge, and indeed whether (and how) that you’ve been successful in doing so and I’ll add it to the table in the monthly challenge articles. As you can see, you don’t have to be a participant in the overall Savings Challenge to get involved in the mini challenges if you want to!

3 thoughts on “September Mini Challenge – The Results

  1. Cool challenges here guys, would be good or interesting to have a “book of the month” that one person could read and review?


  2. Forgot to enter the September challenge but weirdly i read the miracle morning. Basically get up an hour eairler every day and do 7 simple enough things that have proven them selves over time to set you up for the day. Focus on personal improvement and education every day, so 10-15 minutes is reading, 10min meditation, 20 mins exercise, writing, affirmations… and one or two more. Interesting, supposed to practice it every morning for 21 days to make it habit… not managed that yet.

    • I’ve heard a lot from Hal Elrod on podcasts in the last few months and this sounds really interesting. What do you think you could do to make it a habit Shaun? And, what out of the 7 things have you found the most useful?

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