Session 06: The ‘Captain Young’ Interview

Session 06 - The Captain Young Interview

Welcome to Session 06 of Moneystepper’s 2015 Savings Challenge Podcast. Today we bring two guests, Ryan and Robbie, on to the podcast and discuss their current financial situations and their involvement in the savings challenge.


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Resources highlighted in the episode

In this episode, we refer to a number of external resources, all of which are linked below:

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Questions posed by the guests

In each interview, we will ask our two guests to pose one question each to the community and for everyone to give their comments below in response. These will then be discussed with the next podcast guests:

Ryan – What tips do you have to help break bad financial habits (credit card use, living beyond your means, etc)?

Robbie – What are your tips to reduce household related expenses (insurance, groceries, etc)?

It was be awesome if you could leave some thoughts in the comments below…


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4 thoughts on “Session 06: The ‘Captain Young’ Interview

  1. For both I would say challenge everything. From the tiniest transaction up to the mahoosive ones. At first it will be painful but then less so. Hopefully it will eventually become a habit and start controlling purchasing right at the source. And it all adds up.

    Also I try not to consider my self above anything. Just because you have an ok job doesn’t mean you can’t buy value food at the supermarket or drive a cheap car (or better yet cycle to work).

    Also know yourself. To stop bad habits it’s no use going cold turkey if you know that you will break and revert to old habits. Take it slow 🙂 . Of if you like a challenge then go for it, but make yourself accountable.
    Mr Zombie recently posted…How much of your payrise should you saveMy Profile

    • Great point on the bad habits Mr Zombie. Going cold turkey is hard in breaking addictions, but its almost always the approach people take to breaking their bad spending habits or addictions.

      Does anyone else think its better to start improving slowly, rather than tackling everything at once?

      I’m personally the other way in that I jump 100% into everything right away, but that obviously carries a lot of risk and I’ve found myself failing in many endeavours because I jumped in too quickly and didn’t take my time to understand everything and take a measured approach.

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