Session 12: February Reviewed, March Previewed

Episode 12 - February Challenge Reviewed


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Resources highlighted in the episode

In this week’s episode, we cover the results from the February Challenge (earning some form of side income) and we reveal March’s Challenge!

The podcast is broken down into the following sections:

  • Quote of the Week
  • Free tickets to Master Investor 2015 (see below)
  • February Challenge Reviewed
  • March Challenge Previewed
  • Inspirational Article of the Week

In this episode, we refer to a couple of resources, which are linked below:

Related Podcast: Session 02 – Goals

Good news article: No school? No meals? 

Special Offer: Free Tickets Master Investor 2015 


Master Investor Free Tickets


Please let me know what your “one small change to self improvement” for the March Challenge. Remember: being accountable is half the challenge!! 😉

Mine is to clear out my podcasts that provide me with no value and listen to all podcasts for the entire month on 1.5x speed.

Finally, if you have any questions or opinions on this episode, please leave a comment below. I respond to all comments and it would be great to hear from you!


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3 thoughts on “Session 12: February Reviewed, March Previewed

  1. Thanks for including my February challenge successes in your podcast.

    The website I use for reviewing music online is Slice the Pie – (this is my referral link so delete/amend as you wish, Graham).

    You can earn between $0.10 – $0.20 (or more) per track that you listen to and for which you write a detailed review. It seems like the more detailed the review, the more you get paid.

    You do have to write a proper review, I’m not sure how they are checked but occasionally, I’ll get a message saying the review I’ve written is too short or too similar to one I’ve written previously.

    Unfortunately, you do not get to choose the types of songs or music you review, a few of them are in foreign languages and sometimes, it’ll be music that you may not like, in my case hardcore hip hop or thrash metal!

    Other times though, I get to hear some really good music, the sort of stuff you would listen to on the radio or my ipod.

    Payouts (by PayPal) are made after you’ve earned $10 in total, which may sound like hard work but you get to listen to the music in your own time, you only have to listen to 90 seconds and it’s something different.
    weenie recently posted…February 2015 Savings + other updatesMy Profile

  2. My goal for March is health and money related – to have at least one vegetarian meal a day. We have a weekly produce delivery and for the most part we’ve done pretty well in finishing the box. However sometimes food is wasted as we’re not familiar with preparing certain vegetables.

    I want to correct that by putting an effort on making more vegetarian meals and learning to more cooking techniques.
    Elle Martinez recently posted…Automating Your Money GuideMy Profile

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