Session 14: Money With Mummy Martinez


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Resources highlighted in the episode

In this week;s episode, we speak with Elle Martinez from Couple Money about the challenge, her blog and podcast and her new favourite turnip recipe!!

The podcast is broken down into the following sections:

  • Quote of the Week
  • New Sponsor
  • Interview with Elle Martinez
  • Inspirational Article of the Week

In this episode, we refer to a couple of resources, which are linked below:

Related Site: Couple Money

Related Resource: Digit 

Inspirational Article: Footballer’s Special Celebration (Huffington Post)

New Sponsor – Free Property Investment Checklist (RMP Property)



Questions posed in the podcast

In today’s episode, Elle asks (and I paraphrase a little):

“What is your current focus in the challenge and more widely in your finances – cutting your expenses or increasing your income?”

I’ve set up a little poll below to see what everyone is aiming towards:


[poll id=”2″]


Finally, if you have any questions or opinions on this episode, please leave a comment below. I respond to all comments and it would be great to hear from you!


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