Session 16: Mini Challenge (March / April)

Session 16 - The Mini Challenge (March & April)


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Resources Highlighted In The Episode

In this week’s episode, we discuss the March Mini Challenge (both my own and other participants) and set you guys a new challenge for April. The podcast is broken down into the following sections:

  • Quote of the Week
    • “Learn something about everything and everything about something” – Thomas Huxley
  • March Mini Challenge (Mine)
    • Listen to podcasts at 1.5x speed & only listen to podcasts that help me develop
  • March Mini Challenge (Other Participants)
    • Cath Dyson – Climb the stairs
    • Mr Captain Cash – Positive approach to life
    • Elle Martinez – Eat at least one vegetarian meal a day
    • Chad Vawter – Read a personal finance book
    • Michael – 5:2 diet
    • Weenie – Learn how to play poker
    • Ben O – Listen to more French podcasts
    • Mrs Maroon – Written daily affirmations
    • Pete Matthew – 5 minute journal
  • April Mini Challenge (Mine)
    • Learn Colemak keyboard layout
  • April Mini Challenge (Other Participants)
  • Good Feel Article of the Week
    • Best Man’s Speech


In this episode, we refer to a couple of resources, which are linked below:

Related Article: Colemak Explained (Colemak)

Related Article: Session 14 – Money With Money Martinez (Moneystepper)

Related Article: Standing Desk Calorie Calculator (JustStand)

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Also, here is a photo of the “standing desk” that I’m currently adopting. Its probably due a tidy up….!

Moneystepper Standing Desk

Finally, if you have any questions or opinions on this episode, please leave a comment below. I respond to all comments and it would be great to hear from you!   [cunjo layout=”inline_buttons”]

3 thoughts on “Session 16: Mini Challenge (March / April)

  1. Loved the show Graham!

    I really enjoyed the March challenge so I’m pumping up my vegetable portions this month. My weight has been about the same (lost a pound and half), but my clothes fit better for sure.

    For April I will try to learn how to incorporate music and sound effects into my podcast. I want to have a more polished show. My only experience with editing audio is the podcast (and that’s just 6 months) so this will be a challenge for me.
    Elle Martinez recently posted…The One Page Financial Plan: Strengthen Your Marriage and MoneyMy Profile

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