Session 19 – Pensions vs ISAs



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Pensions vs ISAs – Resources highlighted in the episode

Today, we discuss the three quotes from mainstream media about markets hitting new highs and why that is not true. We also discuss why, even if markets were at new highs, you really shouldn’t care less. The podcast is broken down into the following sections:

  • Quote of the Week
    • “The key to a financially secure retirement is simply having enough money and, in that regard, it doesn’t really matter whether its in an ISA or a pension” –
  • Pensions vs ISAs
    • What are they?
    • Quantitative factors
    • Qualitative factors
  • Good Feel Article Of The Week


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In this episode, we refer to a number of external resources, all of which are linked below:

Related Article: ISAs vs Pensions including calculators (Moneystepper)

Related Article: How to use a pension fund projector (Moneystepper)

Related Article: Am I saving enough for my pension? (Moneystepper)

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2 thoughts on “Session 19 – Pensions vs ISAs

  1. I love the quote of the week. By the way, I am still deciding between an ISA and a pension, I have to weigh up whether I would rather have unfettered access to your money or the benefit of tax relief boosting the value of your savings. In short, I want to save more than enough money to meet my retirement needs. It’s better to be more to exceed my expectations of my “retirement”. I learned a lot. Thanks.

  2. I make use of both ISA and SIPP, although I think ultimately, I’ll probably end up with more in my ISA to enable me to keep withdrawals from my SIPP below the tax threshold and top up the rest of my income with my ISA. I’m not a higher tax rate payer so the tax relief for SIPPS isn’t that great for me.

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