Session 22: Why Choose Passive Investing?

Why Choose Passive Investing


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Why Choose Passive Investing?- Resources highlighted in the episode

Today, we look at why we support passive investing compared to active investing in the stock markets.

  • Quote of the Week
    • “Active management is a zero-sum game before cost, and the winners have to win at the expense of the losers.” – Eugene Fama
  • What is passive investing?
    • Passive – buy and hold long term market tracking index funds or ETFs
    • Active – try to buy low and sell high (either the market or individual shares)
  • Trying to time the market
  • Active investing and fees
  • Inspirational Article Of The Week

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In this episode, we refer to a number of external resources, all of which are linked below:

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2 thoughts on “Session 22: Why Choose Passive Investing?

  1. Nice podcast Moneystepper. I prefer the passive investing because I don’t worry about what the price of gold is doing this week nor do I spend days buried in company reports trying to evaluate stocks. This is just one of the best reasons I consider why passive investing is more advantageous.

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