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6 thoughts on “Submit A Question

  1. I have rented out a property for 20 years and it has never been my main residence. I now wish to sell it and purchase another property to rent out. Although the original property(small flat) has increased in value over the 20 years. The property I want buy cost more, how do I stand regarding CGT ???

  2. Hi Graham,

    When calculating net worth, should student loans (issued by the student loan company) be included as a liability or an ongoing additional ‘graduate tax’? They behave much like a tax and do not relate to a tangible asset. They also cease to be if the graduate dies, therefore the estate is not liable for a debt. This is in the context of a basic rate tax payer earning above the repayment threshold, who has no intention of paying the loan back early.


    • Hi Matt,

      Good question, and one that I’ve just recorded a podcast episode for! Check out Q&A 39 which will be released next Friday.

      All your points are true, but if you are striving for financial freedom, you’ll probably pay off your student loans before you reach the age where you will be excused the loan.

      Therefore, we suggest that it is included as a liability unless you are very close to the 30 year write-off date and it’s unlikely you’ll repay it before then.

  3. Hi, i bought my house of my father in 1994 for £100,000…..i t was our family home, i lived there until 1997 wheni bought a 2nd property and have rented it out ever since.
    The property is now worth £340,000…. i solely own the property but i intend to gift half of the house to my wife very soon…..i currenty earn about £15,000 from my job and £15000 rental ,my wife is a stay at home mum

    I would be very grateful if you could give me some idea of how much capital gains tax i would expect to pay based on these figures.

    regards rob

    • Hi Rob,

      Thank you for your question. I’d recommend that you check out the calculations in our capital gains tax article, as whilst you will have PPR relief and letting relief, yours is still a fairly straight-forward example. Things to remember:

      1) Did you buy the house at market value from your father in 1994?
      2) The calculation will be different before/after you gift half to your wife (also, make sure this is a true gift – i.e. no consideration, no transfer of liability, etc)
      3) Don’t forget to include costs related to the purchase and sale (legal fees, estate agents fees, etc) and any capital improvements you made to the property.

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