Recognizing and Taking Advantage Of Technological Development


Can you afford to waste money? Do you realize that by avoiding cost-effective upgrades, this is exactly what you do?

Consider cloud-computing applications which make it possible for you to conduct operations wherever there’s an internet connection. Now consider the costs involved in the maintenance of conventional office space. Technology is something you’ll need, but do you need the office?



Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Annually

Desktops and laptops can be purchased which have internet connectivity. Instead of paying for internet for an entire office floor, why not hire employees who have web connectivity at home, give them a company laptop inured against malware/ransomware, and have them work in their own domicile?

This is a solution that has positives for everyone. Your employees don’t have to brave traffic to and from work every day, risking late arrival and spending money on fuel which is bad for the environment. You don’t have to rent office space or provide local internet requisite to your operations.

technology-1The larger your business, the more you stand to save. Consider some numbers. Say your operation encompasses two hundred employees. That would be an entire floor in a some office buildings, or perhaps several. If you pack them in like sardines, you’ll still be hard-pressed to keep your rental cost low.

Additionally, productivity will lag, and you’ll have maintenance-related expenses. If you’re paying just $10k a month (which would be quite a bargain), that’s $120k a year. You can literally cut that entirely from the budget just by outsourcing to home-based employees.


Additional Advantages

You can attract a higher caliber of employee by paying higher wages than you would have been able to afford at the downtown office. Employees who work from home also have a track record for being more productive.

The big difficulty with this model seems to be tracking employee time. This can either be done on a per-project basis, where there is a fee paid per completion, or you can look into online timekeeping options. One example would be an online time clock from Clockspot which, according to, is: “Perfect for small businesses, franchises, and mobile teams.”

Consolidating your options and managing them in such a way additionally curtails your need for a department like Payroll. You can manage your employees and their time sheets with the click of a mouse from your own home computer.



Benefits Consolidated

In brief, advantages which become available from modern technology include instantaneous, more accurate time-keeping (which saves money by eliminating clock-milkers), no need for maintenance or rental expenses, environmentally-friendly commute reduction, elimination of redundant departments, a better hiring pool through adjusted pay rates, and increased productivity.

Today’s economy has an uncertainty about it which is hard to deny. Getting past that requires critical thought and cost-benefit analyses which take into account burgeoning technical trends. To remain competitive, you’re going to have to stay ahead of other organizations that have seen the potential new technology provides.



Food For Thought

When employees and managers can clock into work anywhere they’ve got an internet connection via the cloud, a small business you run from your own home has the potential to actually compete with big-ticket corporate enterprises so large they don’t realize the money they’re wasting by ignoring an upgrade.This can work for employees or contractors hired by a San Francisco PR agency, a medical billing company, or many other businesses as well.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars retained on a yearly basis give your business room to grow financially, allowing you to invest in diverse options and marketing endeavors which increase clientele while continuing to save you money.

If you haven’t looked into mobile office options, or online timekeeping solutions, now might be the perfect time to consider this very real and effective innovation.

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