Saving money and dieting – becoming wealthy and healthy!

The many similarities between becoming wealthy and healthy

Wealthy and healthyAfter recently reading Becoming Rich: One step at a time, a friend of mine, Jenni, noted that when she read the advice regarding saving money and building wealth, she was constantly making the link to dieting.

And, the more I think about it, the stronger the link becomes.

Let’s break it down, stage by stage.



Goal setting

Saving: Short-term and medium-term goals tend to involve increasing our net wealth by X%, decreasing our monthly spending by Y pounds or saving up for a specific one-off event (such as a holiday or wedding).

Dieting: Similarly, goals with dieting involve increasing our fitness levels by X%, decreasing our weight by Y pounds or working towards a specific one-off event (such as a sponsored run or cycle).



Saving: Now that we have a goal, we need to plan how we intend to reach this goal. We may need to reduce our spending on specific items, spend more of our time earning additional income or find better investments to help our money grow.

Dieting: Once we have our dieting goal set, we may plan to reach these goals by reducing our consumption of a certain group of foods, spend more of our time exercising or find alternative exercises or activities that can help our fitness levels grow.


Saving: Next, we need to keep track of our progress. We may notice that after a week, we have saved 100 pounds and moved further towards our goal. If we haven’t progressed well, we need to determine where we have gone wrong and modify our plan accordingly.

Dieting: We may have lost 2 pounds and moved towards our goal. Otherwise, we need to revisit our actions to determine why we aren’t moving closer to that goal.


Falling off the wagon

Saving: Jenni particularly noted the similarities here. What do we do if we fall off the wagon? We should understand why, and fix the factors which may cause us to have spent more this month. Most importantly, we mustn’t fall foul of “compound errors” (the evil twin of compound interest) which I will make a full post on later in the week.

Dieting: Yep, you guessed it! Same approach required. We may have been out 3 times this week with friends for pizza. It is important to address why we have done this and determine how we can avoid it in the future. Don’t compound the error by thinking “well, I’ve already had three pizzas this week, what harm can a fourth one do!!”.

Achieving your goals

Saving: Great, we’ve achieved our targets. What do we do now? For starters, celebrate a little. Then, set new goals to reach a new level of net wealth.

Dieting: Same again. We celebrate reaching our target and then we set new targets to become even fitter and healthier.


Ultimate success

Saving: In an attempt to increase net wealth, it isn’t short term improvements that will eventually make you wealthy. It’s a way of life. It’s a change in the way we think.

Dieting: Equally, yo-yo dieters are never really successful in becoming fit and healthy. This isn’t a short-term think – we need to change our attitude in the long-term.


So, do you agree with Jenni that there is a strong link between saving and dieting? Are there any other similarities you have noticed? How about any differences?

21 thoughts on “Saving money and dieting – becoming wealthy and healthy!

  1. Yeah – I think there’s a link there in that the required attitudes to achieve both goals are pretty much the same. They both evoke the same mindset in that quick fixes can be short lived and may even land you back at square 1. But continually chipping away at your goal over a long period of time whilst keeping motivated will ensure better results eventually!
    Hayley @ A Disease Called Debt recently posted…Don’t wait to pay off your debt!My Profile

  2. Absolutely! I think there is a strong link between the two. Funny though I had the healthy one down for years before the financial good habits started. But when I need to “tighten the belt” when I’m feeling more lethargic or my pants are tighter, I know that cutting certain things from my diet like wine, chocolate, and other unnecessary items will help my wallet and my waistline.
    Budget and the Beach recently posted…My 5 Frugal & Effective Fitness TipsMy Profile

  3. Dieting and finances are so similar. It is Canadian Thanksgiving today and I fell off the budget and diet wagon again this weekend. Both have left me feeling very uncomfortable and unhappy with myself.
    Jane Savers @ Solving The Money Puzzle recently posted…Are Your Finances Prepared For Your Death?My Profile

    • I’ve passed on your feedback and Jenni is proud of her work!!:)

      Great point – they both require effort, but are both something that a lot of people just assume will come to them without really planning and trying to reach a goal!

  4. Totally agree there is a link. If you are disciplined in one area, it will probably have a good chance of carrying over to other areas. It’s all the same math–more of one than another. (More income than expenses, or exercise than cheesecake!)
    kelly @stayingonbudget recently posted…Weekend Reading #8: No Attic Weekend!My Profile

  5. I certainly agree with Jenni, there is a correlation between building wealth and dieting…they require almost the same emotional constitution and character traits such as discipline and consistency. One also has to make sacrifices to make any of the two a reality. No shortcuts!
    Simon @ Modest Money recently posted…Motif Investing ReviewMy Profile

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